Murphy Monday: Guest Photographer

Photos were taken by Laurie, the mom of Ginger, Hudson’s girlfriend.

(Being horse people, friendship lineage goes through our horses.)
Laurie is a talented graphic artist and designer.  I love to see Murphy through her eyes.

My imagination immediately went to Ford Agency portfolio shots, for his future movie career.

Drama: John Wayne remake;

Courageous Heart warmer: Foal in National Velvet;

Comedy: Blazing Saddles, Bucking Horse 1;

Drama, Robert Redford style: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, allll the way;

This last one totally slays me. Gorgeous!

What movies are you seeing in his future?

4 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Guest Photographer

  1. Oh Murphy, I love you so much! I see a romantic comedy starring me and Murphy in his future… can’t you just picture the scene where I tell Murphy it’s over, and then realize I’ve made a huge mistake through a quirky plot twist, and have to borrow a bicycle, hail a cab, jump over a fruit cart, and run through an airport (barefoot, most likely) to catch up with Murphy and profess my love, and beg him to stay? [Is this why people say we anthropomorphize our horses too much?] That is one hunky little man there. Handsadoracuterrific, indeed.

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