In Which, Trying to Shoot Hudson, We Want to Shoot Hudson

I have had Hudson for nearly a year, and do not have a picture that looks like him.

There is one photo in which his eyes are open, and he bears a mild resemblance to a horse, even if he does not look like himself.

Essentially, the rest look like this. Only worse.

I have 1000 good photos of Murphy and Barbie, Melody and True, random stranger’s horses, dogs, cats,  even a gold-fish.

I complained to Daisy: how the heck does he know I’m shooting him?  He can’t be totally anti-paparazzi!! Can he?

He got a bath. Even had his face shampooed. (This is a breakthrough that involved $50 worth of carrots.)

Since there was no one else present, I had to tie him.  Hoping for that regal shot in the classy leather halter.


  • Tied: looked like a mule.
  • Tied: held up carrot; looked like a starving mule being tortured.
  • Tied: snapped carrot in half and waved around; he looked like a cranky, starving mule, undergoing torture, who is about to kick.
  • Untied: walked away. Looked like an emaciated mule on his last legs (with a sway back and knife withers). His body stretched out like one of those double-long city buses with the accordion connector in the middle. But…a fabulous tail.

Gave up photographing.

He instantly stood normally. Snapped it quick: his non-mule, non-emaciated, nicely muscled body, with head on floor.

He is going to drive me INSANE.

The best of 50 photos. Horrid, busy, background. His face isn’t this long. But at least his ears are forward?

The starving, sway backed horse with giant butt:

Great body, who cares if we see his head and neck? Clearly NOT bony and emaciated:

Even better: head in bucket with fly spray racing stripes, with the angle off just enough to make him look…sway backed, over at the knee, and pear butted.










I swear he does this on purpose.

(Oh all right. The racing stripes out of flyspray? Guilty.)

8 thoughts on “In Which, Trying to Shoot Hudson, We Want to Shoot Hudson

  1. My horse used to love the camera… or is that the other way around? Anyway, I have tonnes of photos of him and me, where I look like a sack of potatoes and he looks like a million bucks. After a while I didn’t put me in the photos anymore. They were perfect then.
    I think you need to set up a day with Hudson where you have yourself, two photographers, and a bribe assistant – find a great backdrop where the light shines at sunset. Wash him an hour before sunset, then parade him up and down said backdrop for an hour with that golden light illuminating his gorgeous shiny coat with multiple cameras taking about 4GB of photos each. There is no way he can look like a mule for a solid hour.

    1. Laurie and I made a pact to shoot each other!
      That came out wrong.
      We’re going to have a horse photo day. Micah can be our helper, horses luvvvvv him. I’m figuring out of 600+ shots I’ll get something that looks like him.

  2. Or… I could come visit! I could take photos of Hudson AND Murphy!
    I was in Napa/Sonoma this past weekend. Too bad I’m behind on reading my blogs. 😦

  3. I need to clarify: I love mules. Love. Being owned by a mule would be awesome. And, I imagine owning a mule who refuses to photograph like a mule would be equally frustrating…you want a picture of your mule, right? Not a picture of your mule looking like a horse.

    No disrespect was intended to our mule and donkey friends.

  4. I think he’s gorgeous! Very well put together. However, it would be nice to see all those pieces in one photo. The tail is nice too! 🙂

  5. Most of my horse photos fall into one of two categories: 1) Extreme close-up of nostrils as I am mugged for treats or 2) Rear ends of retreating horses after they have realized I am out of treats. Every so often I get a pretty decent shot, but this is usually because I have cropped and photo-shopped the original image beyond recognition. It does not help that my horse is actually over at the knee, sway backed and pear-butted!

    I think Hudson is quite handsome, even if he is less than cooperative.

  6. I think this may be the very first photo you’ve posted with Hudson’s ears up, because I just noticed that he has one of my very, very favorite horsey traits — those little curves at the tips of his ears. Just kills me! Such an adorab– I mean, that is, handsome — horse. I have owned Tucker for 9 years, btw, and have yet to get a picture of him standing still where he doesn’t look incredibly goofy. If you figure out the trick, please, do share your secret.

  7. Hmm. Maybe you could artfully photoshop paste the best ones together and have a cubist rendering?

    I strongly recommend having someone else shoot a horse in his general direction while you prepare grain. All my best pictures are at breakfast. 🙂

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