FTF: My Little Pony circa 1900

It’s French Toast Friday!

There’s a great post over at Equine Ink about an artist who customizes My Little Ponies into wonderful works of art. This got me thinking of what theĀ  equivalent of My Little Pony might be from way back when…



3 thoughts on “FTF: My Little Pony circa 1900

  1. I took a look at the ponies at Equine Ink’s blog. The ponies are different to say the least. My 4 yr. old granddaughter has quite a collection of my little ponies and takes them with her everywhere, sleeps with them etc… I think if she saw some of the transformations she would definitely freak out, especially the Ed Scissorhands one. Everyone has their own take and taste on art, I like your pictures of the more traditional ponies.

    1. Recently we went to my Aunt’s 80th birthday party, and my nieces, both successful professional women, were off in a corner playing with a box of My Little Ponies that one of the little kids had abandoned.

      It totally cracked me up (neither of them is interested in horses): one is a fashion designer, the other has her masters in Medieval History from King’s College in London. And they were both braiding pink and purple pony manes and tails.

      Of course I had to join them!

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