The Happy Update: Chock Full of iPhone Photos!

The last surgery for our beloved family member was on Monday.  It could not have gone better!

Now if life will simply revert back to Plan A, we’ll be back on our horsey track soon!  Thanks for hanging in with us.

We stuffed the week before the surgery with all kinds of goodies, especially visual ones. (Eye surgery: you’d wake up seeing…or not.) The need to view gorgeousness called for a trip to the ocean on Coleman Valley Road.  If you are ever in Northern California, and are not intimidated by drives that some describe as harrowing, write me, and I’ll tell you how to find the road.  Usually only travelled by locals and Lance Armstrong-type bicyclists.

We saw:


Then we got back in the car for more:

We ended up here, at Coleman Beach:

We did not walk down to the “beach” (Air quotes: reflect lack of sand, level of wave danger, and absurd amount of jagged rocks) because the path fell off. Literally.

Sadly, our govenor cut the parks budget, so there is no “You Are About to Fall to An Untimely Death” sign.

From there, we drove to The Dog House for the best hotdogs EVer (and all you can eat fries!). Then back to Bodega Head, where we climbed the cliff below.

Pictured is the only section not bristling with binoculors, sunhats, chairs, zoom lenses and folding tables holding whale bones. (It’s whale watching season.) One of the kids innocently (uh-huh) pointed at a far rock submerged in the ocean and said “Look! A whale!!!”, giving about 50 people instant whiplash.

Looking down:

FYI, those are house sized rocks, not whale sized rocks.

Looking to the right:

A wonderful day, a wonderful outcome, a good life!

15 thoughts on “The Happy Update: Chock Full of iPhone Photos!

  1. such lovely photos. I am glad that you were able to relax and have some fun. I laughed at your beach comments- lots of beaches like that around here!!

  2. Kudos to the “Look! A whale!” comment. I love messing with tourists.

    (I was driving once along a very scenic road, caught in some awful tourist traffic. Pulled off at one of the view points and got out to wait for traffic to thin. Two minutes later an RV pulls in, tourists jump out and demand to know where the wildlife was. I point to a rock and say there is a goat behind it, then jump in and speed away. Hours later, coming back the other way, I saw tourists pulled over at that spot, looking up at the rock. So I pulled off and asked what was going on. Apparently, there was a goat behind that rock…

    No joke. The story passed from tourist to tourist for hours.

    I’m pretty sure messing with tourists is a public service…)

    I hope things continue to improve for all of you.

    1. I know, huh! Whew. Now we can hopefully return to our irregular programming (see Hudson experiments with fencing below) and get on with Plan B. I love that drive. It’s seriously difficult to take a bad photo. We just happened to be driving it on a big bike race day? No idea what race it was. Saw some people really working out, that’s for sure!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing! These are beautiful! SO happy to hear that everything went well. I hope it continues to go smoothly and you can get back to Plan A!

    1. Well….Having just returned from the barn, where Hudson was apparently continuing his experiments in fence remodeling, we’re already on Plan B.
      Which does NOT involve a vet, thank you God. 😉

  4. So happy to hear that all is well!! Love the photos, maybe some day I can get back to California and be a camera tourist.

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