Murphy Monday: In Which We Rest…

Murphy is resting from all the recent excitement. What better way than to sleep within one’s breakfast?

Wake up. Eat.


Wake up. Eat some more…
What better way to handle life as it happens, than surrounded by food?

(I believe he inherited this from me.)

7 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: In Which We Rest…

  1. This is funny. Sometimes I ask the kids…what would it be like to be walking around in your food and just reach down and grab something as you pass it on the trail? It always starts a bright discussion…

  2. I think we all need to rest!
    Grey Horse- one time I got to work and reached into my purse….my cats toy mouse was in my purse (hint: I did not put it there). After I recovered from a slight heart attack I hid it in under my bosses desk to watch him have a heart attack.

  3. Looks as happy as can be. My dog ‘Murphy’ is much the same way, he actually used to hide food all over the house. I guess he figured if I forgot to feed him (which has never happened) he wouldn’t starve. There were times I’d stuff a foot in my boot and it would be filled with dog food, his other favorite place was under the couch cushions. So the food thing might be in the name.

  4. Wow, Murphy leads such a rough life. What’s he going to do after he eats all the hay within his immediate reach, I wonder? He might have to *gasp* get up or something…

    Too cute!

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