FTF: Itty Bitty Waterhorse

It’s French Toast Friday!

Ahhhh…and I’m not ready!  I’m not even remotely humorous today.  I woke up as my serious alter ego, and wracked my serious brain for one loose screw of funniness.  Someone went through my brain in the night and tightened all the loose screws.  It’s functioning properly.  It’s functioning seriously.  It’s functioning with decorum.  I’ve been abducted.

This has GOT to stop.

I tried hitting my head on the wall a couple of times, and watching “Robin Hood, Men in Tights” while ironing, but all the screws stayed tightly wound.  I know it’s bad when Mel Brooks can’t shake me out of it.  Maybe it’s simply too…peaceful around here.

So I’m off to ride Hudson (whom I plan on letting gallop to his hearts content) and Jimmy (whom I plan on keeping in a straight line…maybe) without the use of valium or blinders.  His nervousness makes him nervous.

Due to the lack of anything funny, we’re going for cute. (Sneaky, I know)

itty bitty hippo, somewhere in Africa, a long time ago

and one more waterhorse photo:

baby hippo with monkey


5 thoughts on “FTF: Itty Bitty Waterhorse

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      What is it about hippos? Am I the only equestrian fascinated by hippos?

      The existential question for picture number one is: Why is the gentleman wearing two hats?


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