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Horses Know. And They Kindly Provide.

I think Hudson and Dinero know I am in trouble, and are deliberately providing me with humorous entertainment.

First, you need to understand the difference in personality between Dinero and Hudson.

  • Hudson: Mr. Spock. He studies the Human Condition, and the potential role of Horses. We will never make total sense to him? But we’re interesting case studies.
  • Dinero: Surf’s Up. Always ready for a Chai latte or a run on the Big Kahuna, maybe he’ll roast a couple of marshmallows for breakfast. He’ll invite you to come, and give you the best roasting stick. He’s intensely serious about his passion though, and has instant razor focus. Total. Surfer.

Dinero would wear a flip-flops, swim trunks, and a Hawaiian shirt…he’s chill. Hudson would wear expensive suits or ranch gear. Dinero is not capable of hiding his feelings. He lights up if he likes you. Hudson would rather die a slow death from carrot withdrawal than let you know how he feels about anything, one way or the other.

*Exception:  He has no problem letting you know how he feels about The Girth.

Okay, now you have background…

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