Alert! Stolen Horses still Missing: Trailer found Abandoned in Idabel, Oklahoma

Update: Trailer was found abandoned in Tom, Idaho, near Idabel.

If you can help in your area: check the FB page (click picture of flyer for link) to see what’s already been covered, then go to/notify your local auctions  – including kill dealers –  feed stores, tack shops ANYWHERE. Please do copy and print this flyer to distribute. Link to Stolen-Help-Find Facebook page from your Facebook status, etc.

Anything suspicious, CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE or SHERIFF, then call the number on flyer.

Make it difficult for the horses to stay missing!

Bull Riding, The Video. See Jane Ride. Ride Jane Ride!

I was able to get the video sorted out through some trial software (thus the logo on my stomach).  If you’ve never been on a mechanical bull, trust me, it’s a lot worse up there than it looks.

Relaxing into a dressage balance seat does not help.  Should your kids trick you, remember this, and  Hang The Heck ON.  Hellllooooooooo….BULL RIDING. (If you listen closely, you can hear the kids screaming faster, faster in the background.  Nice.)

Feel free to laugh. Hysterically.

To see how it should be done:  here’s the dude with the Guinness World Record Title.   Completely shows me up. Sheesh. Rude rude rude.   As Micah would say, “He like totally OWNED you mom.”

After watching the pro…I’m thinking I mighta hit level 5, those last few seconds.  (It’s worth lying to myself over, especially since I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. )

FTF: Riding the Bull

It’s French Toast Friday!

Last summer at the County Fair, I was standing in line to get ice cream cones for the troops.  They all insisted they wanted vanilla.  This should have been a red flag.  One that was wildly waving.  Held by a person jumping up and down trying to catch my attention.  Instead, I’m zoned out by the heat, staring at the 4H cows lined up behind the ice cream booth, waiting to go in the ring.  I’m 30th in the ice cream line.

I love the ones that look like deer.  Jersey’s?  Such sweet brown eyes.

Balancing 4 melting vanilla ice cream cones, I elbow my way back to the jewelry booth where we agreed to meet.  I notice, vaguely, it’s next to a booth with a mechanical bull.  Abrupt double-take: Micah is talking animatedly to the  cowgirl.  I DON’T THINK SO.  What is Shaun thinking?  No kids on bulls.

Micah feels my stare and bounds over.  I’m instantly surrounded by hands reaching for ice creams.  Nice.  They got me out of the way for that one.

“Sorry,” I say, “ask for the money back.  You are NOT going to ride that bull.”

Micah looks at me with glee.  Wrong response.  He should be sulking.  I glance at Shaun, she is glued to the fair map…wait…is it upside down?

“Nope,” he says, “I’m not going to ride the bull.”

Oh.  He was flirting with the operator?  She has to have ten years on him.  Lord.  Can I live through the teenage years?

Micah and Lee-Lee look at each other, and Shaun grabs  both their ice creams before they drop them.  They each snag one of my arms and start bouncing and pulling.

YOU are gonna ride the bull!” says Micah.

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