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Coping With Rider Layup

Mine isn’t going well.

When you’re banned from riding, and can’t exercise, how do you cope? (Read: not stuff yourself with pastry.)
I’ve cleaned what I can. It’s all sparkly.
I’ve organized drawers.
I tackled the geriatric crowd at our barn, cleaning up every mare and gelding over 30. (I can’t risk the non-geriatric horses yanking on me)
I’m in my fat jeans.
My tack is clean.
The fat jeans are tight.
I started organizing my “horse stuff” bins.
I’ve made to-do lists from Hades that should take me into 2020 to even start.
Most frightening? I went on a fingerprint hunt and removed all traces of human existence from our home.  Who does that?

I feel fat.

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