Road Trip

One sunny summer Saturday at the barn, Daisy said “I gotta take the girls to the dentist.”

If you’re picturing two cute little kids in pigtails and head to toe pink Hannah Montana outfits…you are SO wrong.   The “girls” were Daisy’s two fillies: a 3yo and a yearling.

Barbie, the TB,  was developmentally equal to a 15 year old girl going through that bratty, sarcastic, mom is SO lame stage, and Lucy, the yearling warmblood, was the equivalent of bratty’s younger sister:  wants to be just like her, steal everything she has, but hates her guts.  And they were going in a little metal box on wheels…together.

“You wanna come?”

Of course I wanted to come!

I’m insatiably curious when it comes to other barns , veterinary facilities, and horse care.  You can learn a lot visiting other facilities.  Um hmmm.

Real reason:   ROAD TRIP.  That means, besides rolled down windows , warm air, and loud music,  road trip food. I was already stocking up in the junk food aisle in my mind.  Maybe we could stop at Burger King.  FRIES.

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