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Terror in the Lamb’s Ears

They look so harmless.  Soft, fuzzy, lambs ears.  Don’t let them fool you.

They’re Evil.

My noble Lambs-Ear-dividing self was going to correct the fact they are overgrown to the point of hanging out into the path by two feet.

I start on the other side of the path: digging up, pulling apart, setting aside clumps to replant. I have my handy trowel.  I don’t wear gloves. I like dirt.  Dirt is my friend.

After a few clumps come out, I notice a bit of stealthy scurrying.  (This post is not for the bug phobic. If you are, stop here.)

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Off Topic: Name That Tune!

I had to do something to make this tolerable.  So you’re going to hear some singing.  I’m trying to deal positively with my fear.  What’s that?  Too many years of psychotherapy?  You think?

Spoiler: do not read this if you are bug phobic.

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