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For People Who Believe Horses Can’t Talk

I say, “give a horse a cell phone, and try to take a shower.”




 Hudson, on his twenty-sixth birthday, fighting one of the mightiest forces of Evil: Gravity. 


Carrot Cake For Everyone!

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Best. Carrot. Cake. EVer.

I want to grow frosting carrots. My kind of vegetable. You can make this carrot cake! Instructions and drool-worthy blog, here.

Hudson got a cell phone for his birthday.  After our Colic Camping episode, I wanted him to be able to get ahold of me immediately.  This is how parents end up giving iPhones to a kindergartener, isn’t it?

He hasn’t come to terms with the fact he already HAS his present.


spirit killer


Hudson on the road

Happy 25th birthday, Hudson.