For People Who Believe Horses Can’t Talk

I say, “give a horse a cell phone, and try to take a shower.”




 Hudson, on his twenty-sixth birthday, fighting one of the mightiest forces of Evil: Gravity. 

9 thoughts on “For People Who Believe Horses Can’t Talk

  1. Aw Happy Birthday Hudson! Looking good. And I TOTALLY agree that your mother needs to blog about you more often. TLH being my favorite blog, after all.

    1. THANK you, Marissa, for being the voice of reason. The blog must be about me at all times. Jane is driving me crazy. 28 posts since Murphy’s birthday, and she thinks none are ok to put up. Just write about ME, Jane! -Hudson

  2. lol whenever i hear anyone say they wished their horse could talk, all i can do is picture my red arab mare giving me the side eye and i think ‘NOPE i definitely don’t want to know what she’s got to say about me!!’ haha. Hudson looks great tho 🙂

  3. Better not take chances. Better throw carrots at him while you can, before the forces of Evil make carrots land on the ground and become inedible.

    1. It’s a good thing there is not a “Carrots Anonymous”. I’d never see Hudson, he’d always be at a meeting. Luckily, I can throw carrots at him all day long, and his nose wrinkles only slightly if they hit the dirt. (And thanks for being the “s” on my “reader”. Ha!)

  4. He’s looking damn fine for 26. I understand gravity being a force of evil, though, since that time I went over that show jump without my horse, broke my collar bone, and couldn’t ride for nearly 5 months. Now that’s evil.

    1. I keep telling him he doesn’t look a day over 20. He thinks he’s six. Gah! Going over a show jumps sans horse…Gravity was behaving especially evil that day! I wonder what other Forces of Evil are lurking in arenas everywhere…?

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