The Vulcan Impasse



Huh. There is a resemblance.
Huh. There is a resemblance.


5 thoughts on “The Vulcan Impasse

  1. I feel you man. My servant seems to think that I am not allowed to make my decisions while we are what she calls ‘working’. Would you believe that she actually whacked me with that stick she carries?! And she wasn’t sorry.

    She’s been talking about something called clippers. What are clippers? Should I be worried?


    1. Dude. Worry. A good manly muzzle trim is most excellent. Makes me kinda…sleepy…Zzzzzz….just thinking about it. Keeps us from looking like cartoon gold prospectors. But if shes comes at you anywhere but the muzzle, you’re doomed. Pray she doesn’t have something called “templates”. You might end up wearing a palm tree cut out.

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