Why Horses Should Not Have Cell Phones



Hey, I used scissors...
Hey, I used scissors…
Hey. I used the fence post. Your point?

17 thoughts on “Why Horses Should Not Have Cell Phones

  1. Please oh please do NOT let Ginger hear about this, She would have you and I both on text speed dial. Oh and Hudson, leave your glorious tail alone.

    1. Problem with the tail, Auntie. I think I’m going to have to join the Marines. I managed a nice brush cut. Um. Ginger’s been texting me. You might be a teensy bit late on the whole “no cell phone” thing…

    1. Oh Fiddle. I am SO on this. Thanks for the heads up. I believe I’ll start by purchasing a vegetable stand. Specialize in carrots. I’ll send you a crate as soon as I figure out how to get a magic card.

      1. Dude, awesome plan. Better start buying in bulk right away. May I suggest a sideline of apples? Lots of vitamins in apples. Makes a person’s coat all shiny and stuff. You’ve got my cell number, let’s do lunch.

        1. I’m not an apple guy, but great suggestion Fee. I’m thinking apples, peppermints, cookies, and of course watermelons. I’ll text you. How does this ad campaign grab you: The Grain Room (a bar for horses).

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