What Does Your Horse Want for Christmas…?

Daisy sent me a dad’s response to his 7 year old’s outrageous Christmas list.

Yeah, I don’t think I’d give a seven-year-old $1,00 bucks either.

But it did remind me of Hudson’s last outrageous Christmas List. This year’s plan: don’t ask.

I repeat, Hudson: I AM NOT BUYING YOU A STEER.

So let’s here from all the horses out there! What would you like your human’s to get you for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Yule festival, Solstice…or just BECAUSE?

If your horse writes you a paper letter, email a photo to theliteraryhorse@yahoo.com, and we’ll post ’em. OOoo…send a photo of your horse too!

Too late, Jane. I WIN.
Too late, Jane. I WIN. It pays to bribe the cat to type. FYI, I promised her you’d bring a can of tuna.  Please pick some up. Also, pencils taste terrible. Why do humans like them?

12 thoughts on “What Does Your Horse Want for Christmas…?

  1. I love the post by the Dad. When my daughter was about 6 and she wanted to test to see if Santa was real, she made a last minute request for something difficult to get. She told me that if it didn’t arrive, she’d know. It did arrive (Santa uses Fed Ex) but I probably should have told her that messing with Santa was a guarantee of a lump of coal.

    I like Hudson’s list and I think you’re pretty hard a$$ to hold off on the steer. He’s been wanting one for a long time.

    I will ask Freedom and Zelda what they would like. It’s pretty obvious that Zelda wants more food and the ability to open her stall door and that tackroom door so she can help herself. Freedom is harder. He’s not that food motivated. I think he wants another mare to add to “his” herd.

    1. I know. At this point, I want to get him a steer just to shut him up. The problem: the steer will become a cow. Who will eat more, and likely, if this is possible, be bossier than Hudson.

      Food oriented horses make gifting a no-brainer. The ones who will leave a just served breakfast already have the mental force of will to enslave the human race, or as Hudson put it, “Staf”. Merry Christmas!

    1. He says it’s for the Xbox he is very clearly not getting for Christmas. But really? It’s so he can unlatch the clip on his paddock. I finally have Hudson-proof clips. That I can actually open. (Had a problem for awhile, I put on a clip I couldn’t get open to save my life.)

  2. I have it on very good authority that Blossom would like Santa to bring me a proper jacket with pockets that never fail to dispense cookies on demand.

    (I tried to get her to ask for a SADDLE since we still haven’t found one that fits us both but she doesn’t seem to think that’s as high a priority as cookies. Strange.)

    1. I think you might be responsible for making us kazillionaires: but only if horses controlled world finances? Picture this: Thick, warm, wind/water/snot/carrot drool-proof jacket in these colors; mud and aged manure green. Giant pockets for all our stuff, and one giant pocket on the back, for our horses to access as we lead them. The giant horse pocket is essentially a XL Pez dispenser of horse treats. Horse pushes lever, out pops treat!

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