General Update with Weird Fish Photo

FYI, this is just an  update. (Think station identification.) There’s no good writing below, and nothing particularly amusing or interesting.  Feel free to ignore if  you are in need of a humor fix.  No offense taken.

Some recommendations: a particular non-horse related favorite of mine is Listful Thinking.  For a horsey fun fix, Haiku Farm is a good choice. Carnival of the Horses is up at Equine Ink too.

Go. Have fun! Having fun is never wrong here. See? Here’s a fish that had surgery.

(Zemanta automatically searched photos it thinks match my blog topic, below is the top match.  Who am I to argue?)

Fish, post-surgery, with Helpful Arrow:

This doesn't even look like Shaun.

The Update:

Shaun’s surgery went incredibly well.

The surgeon was positively beaming after it was over, when he came to talk to me.

Now we’re in the harder part, where it hurts a lot – A LOT – and she has to not only deal with the intense pain, but make it worse on purpose.  Surgery was yesterday.  She was walking today (right before she passed out).

If everything continues on the excellent (if horrifically painful) physical trajectory, she is way ahead of schedule in recovery.  I can’t imagine what this would be like for someone ON schedule, if she’s considered far ahead.

I asked the Universe (fine, I begged the Universe) to help me keep my sense of humor before we went into this, since I’d seriously misplaced it along with any shred of perspective for such a long time. (As you know!)

I was kinda anxious that the surgery/recovery intensity would push me over the edge, and I’d hit that humorless bottom again. And be depressing. And needy.  And whiny.


It’s true.  Ask and ye shall receive.

The Universe has been delivering hilarity in spades, even in these circumstances.  (I wrote it a lovely thank you note.) I was forced to email Daisy and Bella from the waiting room while Shaun’s surgery was in progress, because the situation was so weirdly funny.

I was afraid I was going to burst out laughing in front of the exhausted and terrified people also waiting to hear what happened with their family member.  Laughing would have been so unkind.  Lucky for me, Bella and Daisy were at work at 6 am, so I could get it out quietly, in email. They are my go-to tech support for humor management.

As soon as I get some sleep and we get Shaun home, or almost home, I hope to share some of it with you, if I can convey how funny it was.

I sure hope these weren’t, “I guess you had to be there” experiences.

Keywords: (so I don’t forget what I want to relay: hurry-up-and-wait, snoring, surgical glee, Mariachi, pigeon Spanish, green legs and ham, undiscovered harmonica talent, Standing Wrap/standing applause.) Can you believe all this in just two days?!?

Due to illness, surgeon emergency, etc. Shaun’s surgery was rescheduled 3 times.

So happy it’s no longer looming. Third time was the charm!


7 thoughts on “General Update with Weird Fish Photo

  1. Gina Vergata

    I just wanted to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. I had my knee cut apart and reassembled (fulkerson osteotomy with a full lateral release) Dec 17th. I was non-weight bearing for 8 weeks and in a wheelchair for 6. However once you hit the rel physio it seems like recovery goes faster and faster.

    Soon she will be better than ever!

  2. Jane

    Thank you all so much for the well wishes and healing. I have to say, surgeon was an artist. Amazing. He’s also a really nice, down to earth kinda guy. We’re lucky!

  3. jenj

    Glad to hear that Shaun’s surgery went well, and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

    And erm, green legs and ham? Do tell!

  4. EvenSong

    Everyone I’ve know who got new knees/hips were SO GLAD they did, once it was over. Short term recovery pain in exchange for long-term chronic pain issues.
    Good luck on the healing process. Don’t let her push too fast.

  5. Liz Goldsmith

    So glad the surgery went well. Looming is never good to live with. Hope she stays well ahead of the recovery trajectory and that the pain goes away soon!


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