Murphy Monday: Almost a Year Old!

Murphy will be a year old on May 5th.  Can you believe it?

I am date challenged.  When he was born on Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day) I was relieved. I’d never forget his birthday.

Ha. I am completely capable of forgetting the most memorable date. Late one night, I saw a status update from Daisy on Facebook, noting Murphy was 11 months old. I immediately panicked, and tried to wish Daisy and Murphy a happy birthday on Cinco de April. When he was eleven months old. (That’s less than a year, FYI, if we have any other date-challenged people here.)

Daisy moved Barbie to the same facility once Murphy was weaned.  Princess Barbie has never been happier. Acres and acres of land to roam.  The barn owner found her rolling in the pond.  This is the horse that hated to get her feet wet. Clearly she’s modeling her new royal behavior after Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Princess Fiona
Princess Fiona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barbie is relaxed and happy. Yeah, I have to say that twice: Barbie is relaxed.

It was almost too much of a shock for me.  I recovered quickly. Daisy strapped a feed bag of grain over Barbie’s head,  immediately annoying her. (There’s my niece!)  Very un-royal looking.  But it does keep her grain hers, and lessens her ability to fling it all over the pasture.

Once Barbie is munching away, we turn to the baby pasture.

Murphy is positive we made a mistake, and went into the wrong pasture:

It is instantly obvious someone has broken the rules about hand feeding the babies. We were mobbed.

We had no food.  Undeterred, they tried to root through our clothing, certain treats were hidden somewhere.

Even with two of us, a baby escaped, and Auntie Jane had to use The Mane Grab and Cheek Lock to drag the baby back in, so Murphy and Daisy could escape. Daisy was busily multi-tasking, keeping the rest of the pack herd in, while attempting a Navy SEAL level extraction.

Look, Auntie Jane! I’m old enough to shave!!!!

He should be shed out a little more by his birthday.  Hopefully we will have less shaggy baby photos…we might even get to see what color he will be.

He was very wiggly and antsy – unusual for him.  No good full body photos, I’m afraid.

But he’s still our gorgeous boy!

10 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Almost a Year Old!

  1. He IS gorgeous! I think his that by now his basic personality is apparent. He will remain easy if he is handled well. There will be times when he is not easy, but he will be less difficult than most other horses in his stage for growth and training. I think, anyway.

    1. Every time I go, I’m awed. Saturday morning the place was hopping with riders. Some doing endurance fitness, some just hitting the “trails” on the property. Same amount of action at my barn would have been a massive exodus. This place is so darn big it just felt like a few clusters of friends knocking around.

      Completely gorgeous. Saw three red tailed hawks, a kite, a swan, two herons, an egret, and 3 or 4 redwing blackbirds on the short hike to Murphy’s pasture. I don’t even count the turkey vultures anymore!

      My barn is the right place for us. But if it weren’t, I’d be finding a way to make the distance work!

      Come visit!!

  2. YAY for the return of Murphy Monday!!! He and his momma look so good, LOVE the pics! Thanks for the update! 🙂

    1. I know, he’s soooo cute, and even better, so *sweet*. Love both of them to pieces. I know there will be a point when he’s not as easy, but he’s awfully dang easy for a yearling.

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