Have You Ever Used a Horse Psychic?

I’m curious.

But before we get all fearful of ridicule, let’s remember I lived in Berkeley, have had my Tarot cards read, my astrological chart done (I’m like a triple Libra with Cancer rising), and once let myself be the guinea pig for “Head Bump Reading”, (I am still clueless about what insight that was supposed to impart.)

Everyone pretty much said the same thing, which lends credence to the possibility these methods of diviniation work: I am shy and lumpy, with very little sense of humor (but somehow am still destined to do great  – if humorless – things).

Two out of three isn’t bad.  I’m one with the shy and lumpy. As for greatness and lack of humor, the last great humorless thing I did?  Send Hudson off to the dentist this morning.

The psychic who predicted I’d have 5 kids with my future husband and live in a Montana cabin without running water or electricity was…uh….wrong, but she had the grace to have a disclaimer riding on her psychic prediction: the whole husband/kid/cabin thing was just one of the “multiple realities she saw in that moment”.

A psychic with a penchant for physics. Love it. I wonder if Stephen Hawking goes to psychics? Wouldn’t you love to hear THOSE predictions? Wait. Wouldn’t you love to invent those predictions?

I love where I live.  So entertaining.

So seriously, anyone have good experiences with a horse psychic? Whether the psychic was right on the target, or so off it’s entertaining, I’m interested!


32 thoughts on “Have You Ever Used a Horse Psychic?

  1. Tanya (@horsethought)

    What a brilliant idea for a blog and I have loved reading the comments as well. I would love to use a psychic just to hear what they had to say. A few friends of mine have used one with great success. One horse complained that it was getting cold after it had chewed up its blanket and its blanket was sent in for repairs. Another laughted at a man with burning trees in his mouth – we knew she was refering to someone who smoked cigars. My only fear is that I’d pay all the money only to be told that my horse like going to the paddock and eating carrots – something we know very well already.

  2. Monique Van Galen Last

    I have thought about it, but in the end, I know if I trust my own instincts and feelings a little better, I know the answers to much of the questions. Besides, being Dutch and living here in Holland, I would be the joke of most.

    Used to see a tarot reader who predicted the major lines of life which were still to unfold at that time. The little silly things she was wrong about, but the outlines, she had completely right. There may be more between heaven and earth. Or time, past present and future exist in the now but in different spheres. I am just a normal person who loves that life and mysteries.

  3. sorrelmare

    I have a friend that worked for a barrel racing barn. They brought in an AC just for laughs I suppose. Anyways, some of the horses “told” the AC that they would much rather the arena lights be turned off at dark so that they could snooze and relax and enjoy their night time. Being that most of the horses on the property were mares, it was pretty funny because it was like they had asked to have their beauty rest uninterrupted with the bright lights of the arena!

    And, according to my friend, a few of the mares became less cranky about their morning workouts. So who knows? Maybe sometimes these things do help.

  4. jenj

    I have used one once or twice and whether or not the “responses” were real, they were certainly funny. In one instance my horse told the AC he needed more “vitamins”, and she described what she “saw” to me. As she described the round, crunchy thing with bits of grain stuck to it, I about had a laughing fit before I could explain to her that his “vitamins” were actual special cookies I’d recently bought him for Christmas!

    My horse is a total con artist and consummate cookie beggar, so it fit perfectly.

  5. Lissa Rabon

    I read a cool story about a pony mare that wouldn’t eat after they had weaned her foal and sent it away. She hadn’t eaten in weeks and they had tried all kinds of sweet feed but nothing. The communicator told the mare her baby was fine and that it had a job now and had gone to a good home, similar to hers. She needed to eat so that she wouldn’t get sick. She walked over to her feed bucket, stuck her nose in and started eating for the first time since the weaning. Pretty cool, I thought.

  6. Marissa Q.

    I have a very funny animal communicator story.

    I had a bad fall off Tucker a few years ago and I couldn’t figure out what had set him off that day because he went leaping and bucking like a maniac and it was very out of character. Someone convinced me to call the animal communicator and I thought, “why not?” If nothing else, it will be amusing.

    Most of the stuff she said had a 50/50 shot of being right. He likes his blue and green blanket (think about the last catalog you looked at and what colors most blankets are). He likes the blonde woman that rides him (more likely than not, there was a blonde in his life somewhere). He says he’s hungry and would like more hay (well, duh). He says you curl your toes when you ride and he knows you aren’t relaxed (most people tense up somewhere, right?).

    But then she said something really funny. She said that Tucker knew I was scared because there was ANOTHER big brown horse that had bucked me off the week before and I had gotten really hurt. “Are you sure he’s talking about last week?” I asked. “Oh yes,” she said, “I’m positive. He’s very insistant that this other horse did something really scary and you were badly injured, and you’re still very fearful about it.”

    “Mmm-hmm, right,” I said. “He’s lying, by the way. That was him. He IS the big brown horse that bucked me off last week.”

    She laughed. Sometimes they do that, apparently. It was the equine equivalent of blaming your kid brother for breaking a window. Which I could absolutely see Tucker doing. So, while most of it may have been lucky guesses, I do think that part of it couldn’t have been made up.

    1. Kat

      I listen to pet phychic radio shows a lot and a lot of the feed back the phychic has to deal with is sensory stuff and images, so maybe your horse was sending her an image of himself doing it, just she read it wrong. its hard to read everything perfectly, like I remember in one of the shows the phychic said the owner needs new slippers, (she was sent a picture of old slippers and new slippers) but in reality the dog was just telling her the owner just got new slippers.

  7. Halt Near X

    I tried to be open minded when one of the ladies at the barn was doing various readings for people and their horses. She knew I was skeptical, so she assured me that she could do an astrological reading for both my horse and I, and since personalities are so tied to the signs it would give me huge insight into both of us, our compatibility, etc.

    I shrugged and said sure.

    She said she needed to know the signs.

    I pointed out that she knows me and my horse, our personalities, etc. If the signs are such major factors in our personalities, surely she could figure them out herself?

    That didn’t go over so well.

    On the other hand, I’m going to go dump $$ on a DNA breed test for the mystery youngster, and that has as much chance of being right as a psychic reading. I know some people who think I am completely wasting my money. But my motivation there is the same for many people with psychic readings, I think — pure entertainment (can you imagine the fun if it comes back with “Shetland Pony” checked off? I can only hope…).

    So if a psychic reading entertains someone, brings them comfort, helps them reach a decision they were going to make anyway, etc? More power to them. But it’s definitely not for me.

  8. Tamara Baysinger

    When Aaruba was in the hospital with a life-threatening colic, an animal communicator (whom I’d never met, who lived in another state, and wo read about the situation on my blog) sent me an email sharing Aaruba’s perceptions. It may have been real. It may have been complete bunk. Either way, it was one of the kindest of many kind gestures for which I was deeply grateful during those terrible days.

  9. Alia

    I did once because several people at the barn wanted to bring one in and needed one more horse to make it worth the psychic’s time. My horse is VERY CLEAR about his opinions and I’ve been owned by him since he was a weanling so I was sort of skeptical. The animal communicator told me there was nothing she could tell me about him I already didn’t know AND that he thought it was none of her business anyway which rang SO true it made me laugh. She also wouldn’t take my money as she said Sil was very indignant about the whole thing.

  10. Jane

    I think I set the wrong tone in my post, by reporting on my personal psychic experience. Let me try again using an anology: I saw a lot of chiropractors working on horses when that field first opened up.

    The best I could say is no one did any damage. I began to believe either I’d never seen a real horse chiropractor, or it was another way of draining money out of the pockets of anxious horse owners.

    Then I saw “Ben”. He worked on ten horses, but I was completely convinced after two minutes with one. He was a chiropractor for horses, and he was GOOD. Hudson has a standing appointment twice a year, no matter what. I can feel the difference. So can Hudson!

    An open mind is a very good thing.

    1. Net

      Amen on the real deal being helpful with chiropractors! I use one who had worked on my horse in the 4 years he was off the track before I got him. When he showed up at my house to work on him, my horse dragged me to him and stuck his head under his arm like “oh, you came to make me feel better!” I had known something was up in his SI area… I hadn’t known for sure this man would help. My horse made sure I knew he would.

  11. Cyndi Pride

    I’ve never been to a psychic… I think I’m afraid of what might be said. I’d actually love to have a psychic come ‘talk’ with my animals. At minimum, it would be entertaining.

    1. Judith

      Good animal communicators can do their work from anywhere on earth. They do not have to be there in person, which is great in an emergency, if the animal is at the vet overnight, etc. I had great help from my AC when my cat had a freak accident and was at the ER for several days. The AC was in NY state, the cat in NC. (I really don’t like the term animal psychic.)

  12. judi

    I have a friend who is a communicator. She has told me all kinds of stories about the conversations she has had with lots of
    animals. Yet, when she got a new horse, she had a hard time figuring out her own horse’s problems and why he was doing what he was doing. I’m starting to think she just has a very active imagination. I know she isn’t trying to con people–she’s not the type.

    Author of “Trail Training for the Horse and Rider” and “Trail Horse Adventures and Advice”

    1. Jane

      I tend to go blank and freak out in certain situations with my own animals, but the same situation with someone else’s, I’m right there and can handle/figure out whatever is at issue. I wonder if it’s possible that she is too close to the situation, or it’s too soon given the circumstances?

      The entire first year I catch-rode Hudson, he wouldn’t ‘talk’ to me, beyond two words: “got it”. I don’t mean animal-communicator talking, I mean normal horse/human interaction. He had to get to know me. 😉

    2. Judith

      A lot of AC’s don’t work well with their own animals. Something about being too close and too attached. I’ve experienced that myself. It takes a little distance to have clarity.

  13. heccateisis

    Admittedly, I am one of those wackos who have used an “animal communicator.” – Several times (why the wackos is valid).

    Some of it was general enough to be true. She said my horse would like to chase cows (tried penning and he LOVES it), but he does look like an old time quarter horse (no papers, who cares?).

    But I just can’t discount it because the first reading happened about six months after my old horse, Pepper, was put down. Pepper was crazy. Dangerous crazy. He never liked people much, but when he lost his eyesight it was clear he couldn’t handle it. After attacking several people (me included and he liked me), I made the decision it was the best thing I could do for him. Painful, but I know it was the right thing to do.

    I never told the “communicator” about Pepper.

    Half way through the reading she said, “there’s another horse here that passed over. Do you know him?”


    “Is it okay? He wants to talk to you.”

    Of course it was curious.

    “He wants to thank you for helping him cross over (I HATE THAT TERM). He was very unhappy and he wanted to go.”

    By then I was crying.

    She continued. “He wants you to know he likes Jigs (the current horse who owns me), and that he helped you find him.

    He wishes you could have seen him (Pepper) when he was younger before the abuse. He was really something. (Don’t know of any abuse other than the riding stable I bought him from never treated his uveitus.) He asks if he can stay with you for a while because he wants to know that you are alright.”

    What the communicator didn’t know was I talked to Pepper a lot (still do, but not as much).

    Was it real? Who knows. But I FELT better with the decision I made as a result of the session.

    I never told her about Pepper. How did she know?

    Again, does it matter?

    1. Jane

      Agree. Doesn’t matter. The world is full of mystery. I believe there are sensitive people out there with capabilities that cross into the realm of either primordial or mystery. 🙂 Definitely not wacko.
      (And I hate that term also.)

  14. Judith

    I don’t have a horse but I have used animal communicators to talk to several of my dogs and cats, in various situations. And I have found the sessions to be very helpful. A new foster dog was harassing my cats ,and after one talk with the AC, he stopped. (I had tried to train him to stop, unsuccessfully.) I’ve had other things happen that way–obvious improvements. But the best results have been that I understood my companions better.

    The ones I’ve worked with don’t call themselves psychics, but communicators. I have friends who work with AC’s who are able to help diagnose medical conditions, which has been very helpful.

  15. annablakeblog

    A human psychic told me my soulmate was an alien. Think about it. Pretty depressing.
    On the other hand I have used animal psychics 3 or 4 times, each time it kind of affirmed the weird thing I was thinking- and once I got the “your horse won’t talk to me” answer, which seemed about right at that point. I think the information is like alot of things, part of the big puzzle.

    1. netgcooks

      Maybe the psychic was using the politically incorrect term for an illegal immigrant?

      I would love to get an animal communicator to help my horse understand that cattle are not aliens here to abduct him. But he makes his feelings on things VERY clear!

  16. Liz Goldsmith

    I have never used a psychic but a friend of mine had one “talk” to her horse and she thought they made some valid statements. The horse was used once a week as a therapy horse for a therapeutic riding program and “told” the psychic how much he enjoyed that activity but how he had to be careful with those kids.

    As for me, the only tarot card readings I’ve done have been the free on-line versions and I just keep re-doing them until I get the answer I’m looking for 🙂

  17. designerchick2

    I’ve never used one, but talk to me – we have a mutual friend at the barn that has used a horse psychic.

    One of the joys of sharing my life with the oh so opinionated diva mare is that she lets me know exactly what’s going on. I can only imagine a psychic report for Ginger.

  18. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Yes, Hudson is very direct, so unneeded for us, but have open mind for others! Oh geeze Ginger would definitely talk the ear off the psychic. And probably insist a pedicure be included. 😉


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