Alert! Stolen Horses still Missing: Trailer found Abandoned in Idabel, Oklahoma

Update: Trailer was found abandoned in Tom, Idaho, near Idabel.

If you can help in your area: check the FB page (click picture of flyer for link) to see what’s already been covered, then go to/notify your local auctions  – including kill dealers –  feed stores, tack shops ANYWHERE. Please do copy and print this flyer to distribute. Link to Stolen-Help-Find Facebook page from your Facebook status, etc.

Anything suspicious, CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE or SHERIFF, then call the number on flyer.

Make it difficult for the horses to stay missing!

4 thoughts on “Alert! Stolen Horses still Missing: Trailer found Abandoned in Idabel, Oklahoma

  1. Thanks for the post with pictures. My brother works for SAU so I knew about this, but he didn’t have any pics. Although, if the trailer turned up in Idaho I doubt they’ll find them down here in Texas.

    1. That’s the thing. You never know. They started out in Arkansas, and there must have been another trailer waiting in ID to pick them up, or they would have found the horses. I sure hope they find them soon!

  2. I try to think that people are nice and considerate and along comes this story. But I am not surprised. I live in Appomattox, Virginia and just the other night in the next county, Campbell County, someone cut through a fence and stole a horse. They had to walk him 1 mile down a lane and go through three gates. The horse was for sale and I suppose someone saw him, liked him, but didn’t have the money. Does anyone know if horse thieves are hanged is still on the books? I sure hope so.

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