A Perfect Video Answer to: “Riding? But You Just Sit There….”

Tip of the helmet to Laurie, who sent this in for us.

(I hope to return to our regularly scheduled programming soon…)

8 thoughts on “A Perfect Video Answer to: “Riding? But You Just Sit There….”

  1. I wanted the same thing as Funder! >g<

    Also, I desperately wanted to fix some of the grammar/punctuation. Geez, I am pathetic.

    The big drawback to this video is that it's so cool but I can never-no-never show it to my mom. She would focus on those images of falling and only think about the part where my horse is so much bigger than me and give herself nightmares. So, dang.

  2. It’s funny… growing up my brother always said riding was easy. Then he saw me at the Ivy championships. 4 courses on 3 horses, with no warmup allowed. He got home and emailed our dad “Coolest sporting event I have ever seen!”
    I love to take people to sit next to a GP fence during the winter circuits here. No one who does that says riding is easy!

  3. Love that! Thanks for sharing. I love that so many disciplines are represented (even the hunters!) and it really shows the athleticism required of rider and horse.

    Last year when I went for my physical, the nurse took my stats and asked if I run marathons because I am in such great cario shape (although I’d definitely not consider myself in shape, unless pear-shaped counts). I told her, no, I ride. Her response? “But doesn’t the horse do all the work?” Even with hard data in front of her! Go figure.

    Hope you and your family are hanging in there. Been thinking of you!

  4. I appreciate the idea (though it might actually have been a little understated), but I found the video, while artistic, really aggravating to watch. I guess it’s because I want to see all of every film sampled!

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