In Which We Still Have Musical Hold…and Fried Cheeto Sandwiches

Due to circumstances beyond our control, I need to be rebooted. My code is flawed, and hit a loop error into endless Worry.

My personal Psych Techs are off camping, eating fried Cheeto sandwiches and starting their own SWAT team.  You gotta love Psych Techs who feel a band and a SWAT team are perfectly complimentary occupations.

I haven’t posted for fear of infecting TLH with neuroses/anxiety. My PT’s are on vacation.  (And also because my keyboard is really sticky from all the frosting.)

Aside: I have invented the All-Frosting Cupcake.  That’s right, skip the cake, go right for the frosting!

We had a family health crisis, it’s over, looks like all is going to be well eventually. We are SO grateful. And it will be a very long road to recovery.

I am stuck in intensely busy, unfunny Overwhelming Land: which is okay if that is the sort of thing that makes your heart beat faster.

Micah and I are managing the command center-slash-travel agency/medical contingency planners.  His job is hug-giver, Master Zombie Slayer (Call of Duty, Black Ops, with TONS of Zombies), and personal driver now that he has his learner’s permit.

I need to be driven to the places where Frosting spawns.

Sigh. Every time I look at TLH, my mind goes blank (Fine. It goes blanker).

Here’s the new plan.  I will actually use the post a day prompts.  No idea if this will be lame, awesome, or profoundly disappointing.

We can always call in the Rock Band SWAT Team…

27 thoughts on “In Which We Still Have Musical Hold…and Fried Cheeto Sandwiches

  1. Jane, are you out there & are you okay? You don’t know me, but I’m worried just the same… Hope everythings alright in Jane-land.

  2. Jane, are you out there & are you okay? You don’t know me, but I’m worried just the same… Hope everythings alright in Jane-land.

  3. I am with you on blanking out on blogging. But for a completely different reason: laziness. I have only resumed blogging because I’ve resumed working, which means one thing: routine. Hope you have the luxury to have that problem yourself. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. I want all frosting cupcakes. if you patent them, I will order them by the dozen and have them express shipped to me in NJ. Promise.

    But I come with matters of far greater importance. For Hudson. Please tell him that the Dutch word for cow (according to my internet searches) is runder. Accordingly, given his immense affinity for the bovine, his Wunder name should clearly be RUNDERWUNDER.

    1. I will make her patent them, or simply send you some, for finding My True Name. I love my human, but she does need a little help now and then. She’s very affectionate, and I find that valid compensation for the discrepancy in our brain power.
      ‘Hudson the RunderWunder’. Very masculine. A thoroughly handsome handle. Thank you.

  5. Thanks everyone, for the support. Everything is amazingly FINE, which my brain takes as the perfect time to completely lose it. I’m not sure how THAT makes sense? It makes me seriously suspicious of whatever my brain has to say. Awesomely fine = great time for nervous breakdown? Reboot! Reboot!

  6. And here’s me, eating a marginally-faux-healthy chocolate-zucchini-orange-agave muffin with NO frosting. Clearly, you and I need to be in the same room with our ingredients, creating something fabululoso that isn’t even PRETEND-HEALTHY. What are you waiting for? Your rocket to the swampland awaits….

  7. God I hope my brother doesn’t see the cupcake pictures. He said he would only be involved with the band/swat team if he could be in charge of fitness. And we had to do whatever he said (I think he’s been waiting 42 years to say that).

    1. Why does this make me want to say: “he’s not the boss of me!” and stomp my foot?( I think I regressed 42 years,)

      I mean, come on…who needs a fit SWAT team? That’s what automatic weapons are for. What we need are lawn chairs. With cupholders.

  8. Sending virtual icing and hugs to you and your family. Hope everything turns out well. Just remember that blogging is NOT SUPPOSED to add stress to your life!

  9. If you have truly decorated a cupcake with ball bearings and a green nipple, than it appears indeed that your PT has gone awry. I believe the cure lies in licking more frosting spoons…

    All the best –

  10. Add Cara’s granola to the all-frosting cupcake and you have the perfect remedy: fiber, health food, and FROSTING.

    Take care of YOU.

  11. My prescription (being a bona fide mental health professional): More time with Murphy! (Of course, there’s no hidden agenda there…can you say “PICTURES!”)

  12. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Small joys are importnat, like all frosting cupcakes which sound kind of icky to me who usually scrapes the frosting off to eat just the cake. Really, though, I would skip cupcakes entirely and go straight for the vanilla ice cream with Grapenuts on top.

  13. I don’t think you should take the word “day” so literally. I mean it’s just that kind of narrow interpretation that has caused havoc with otherwise reasonable religions.

    Hang in there. Have some fried cheetos.

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