Murphy Monday: Murphy Goes to Kindergarten

Barbie told Murphy he was getting something all his own.  It was a surprise.  Murphy hung out at the gate, bugging her.

What is it?  Can I eat it? Does it run? How can it be all mine?!? We share everything!

Melody and True jostle for Best Viewing Position at their gate across the way:

Oh man.  This is gonna be gooood!

Uh. Mom? It tastes like just another two-legged? Is the two-legged carrying my surprise?

(It’s worth noting Barbie’s complete lack of concern. If we flip to her mental page, the title would be: Thank God Someone is Rescuing Me.)

Hilary explains good foal manners to Murphy.

This is what Murphy hears: lalalalalalalalalalalalala…you are the cutest wittow baby boy…you are handsadoracuterrific! And you can have whatever you want.

No, you don’t understand! I already know how to do this, so I don’t need to do it anymore!  Really.  I got this one. 

Fine. Whatever.

He had to walk for Ten. Whole. Minutes. With only 17 – okay maybe 26 – rest breaks.

Murphy’s feelings about his first day of kindergarten:

But he luvvvvvs Hilary:

Auntie? Aimlessly walking around is stupid. (sorry) But don’t leave!  You just got here. Can’t you just like hang out awhile? Maybe rub my back?

Melody and True: Well. That was uneventful. 

Barbie: Noooooooo…!!!!! He can work longer!  Teach him to sit!

(For a relative size comparison, and to understand our shock seeing him after a week of camping, Murphy, at 2 months old, next to Shaun, who is 5′ 4″ tall.)

11 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Murphy Goes to Kindergarten

  1. I can’t wait to see what color Murphy decides to be! I know a Popeye mare who is a really pretty pale chestnut color, and her mane and tail are a darker shade of chestnut mixed with white. The possibilities are endless! He is huge, and super gorgeous. I am in love with those legs!

  2. He sure is handsadoracuterrific!! I swear at this age every time they get up from a nap they’ve grown! He is going to be ginormous! What a smart boy though.. caught on very quickly. Good student!

  3. At least he wasn’t painfully shy for his first day of school. Poor Barbie, I hadn’t thought about how she might be getting a bit tired of his shenangins. It’s a busy time for the little…uh big guy!

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