Murphy Friday: Color Wheeling

The first thing I did, the night we returned from camping, was to go see Hudson. Literally. Okay, maybe I threw some grain at him. So he’d stand still long enough for me to “see” him in the late evening light. I wanted to hug him, like a pony crazed 10-year-old.

So I did.

Jane: [Huuuuuuuug]

Hudson: Jane. I can’t chew and swallow grain if you are choking me.  Glad to see you, etc. etc. But it’s my grain. Mind moving, please?

So I hugged his butt, laying my cheek on his cheek. I believe we were both happy. I’m pretty sure he didn’t miss me at all, and that’s good. It means he’s been happy and content, which I already knew, since Bella took care of him.

Life feels much more approachable when one’s cheek has been on a horse’s rump.

The second thing I did: see Murphy and Barbie. (I didn’t wait for my camera batteries to recharge.  So we have cell photos.) I expected he’d change in a week.  I knew he was scheduled to go out to pasture with mom on July 1.

I did not expect Super Foal:

His head is filling out, looking less foal-ish and more horsey. He will absolutely grow into the promise his ears made.

He’s huge. Everything has changed. His rear end hit a grow spurt.  Possibly encouraged by the freedom of running in pasture.  Major engine power.

We have color shifting.  It’s not the color he’ll end up, but it’s fun to hang on the wheel while it turns! The baby fuzz is wearing off on the tips of his ears, a spot on his neck, and his withers are definitely a shade darker.

Barbie was happy to see me. Until she realized I did not have grain. The absence of grain makes her cranky. Still, I had to hug her too, and she tolerated my hug.

She loves me. Happy sigh.

Murphy was curious to see me. I had the sinking feeling I fell off his radar. I hugged him, and hovered, stroking and touching him. He was mystified, but didn’t move, and seemed to enjoy the attention.

Murphy Monday, with real camera, here we come!

12 thoughts on “Murphy Friday: Color Wheeling

  1. I really like Marissa’s new word, it’s perfect. I think I’ll add it to my dictionary. I think it’s so funny how foals grow one part at a time, he is a beauty. Do you think he will kepp his dorsal stripe.? I don’t know what it is about the dorsal, I just love them. Adds Character I think…

    1. I hope so! Plus the white in his tail. We were just discussing his potential color today. Jane thinks my old horse (that has passed) is playing with paint colors from heaven. Such a sweet thought.

    1. Duh. Of course you know how he feels about PDA’s.
      If he didn’t have his head buried in grain, he would have rolled his eyes at me and inched out from under the hug. Of course, if I’d rubbed his butt, he would have sat on me trying to help me find the right spot…

  2. Super foal, super gorgeous. Friday Murphy, Monday Murphy all super but the best picture might just be the one in my mind of you dancing cheek to cheek with Hudson 🙂

  3. I have been known to hug Tucker’s butt on occasion. No shame in it, unless of course someone walks in to find you telling him it’s your favorite butt in the whole world. Which I would know nothing about. Despite appearances, I am SURE that Hudson missed you. Secretly.

    Have I mentioned how much I love Murphy? He is so cute, that I need a new word for cute. He’s handsadoracuterrific.

    1. Handsadoracuterrific is the best word EVar…and so accurate!

      I confess. I am a hugger of horse butts. But they have to be certain horse butts. I’m selective. Unless I wanted to die, I wouldn’t dream of going near Barbie’s butt.
      (Murphy is another story, he is totally butt huggable, and likes it.) 😉

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