Murphy Monday: Hey! I Resemble You!

Murphy meets Daisy’s niece:

Mom! Mom mom mom mom…LOOK, a mini human! Aren’t they cute?!? Can I have it? Pleeeeeeaze mommy…it followed me home.  I don’t think it has a place to live. Can it live with us? Pleeeze mom, can I keep it, pleeeeeeze…?

Aw dang it.  I wanted a pet. Oh well.  Mom says they can visit.

And here’s a picture of me and mom, I think we look alike, except I’m handsomer, because I’m a guy:

Mom and Son, Photo taken by Bella’s Mom

5 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Hey! I Resemble You!

  1. I was just showing off pictures of Murphy to my roommate and she couldn’t even stop to say how cute he was because she was too busy with “you do NOT need another horse.” Does she know me or what? Apparently the Murphy love was written all over my face…. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous picture of Mom and baby! Really nice. Murphy sure is a good lookin’ boy! Mom’s no slouch either by the way 😉

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