Murphy Monday: Barbie Teaches Murphy The Art of Posing

You can never get them ready too early for paparazzi…

First, you stand like this…then turn your head just so…Murphy, are you listening?!?

Now this is a hunter pose..

Murphy!  Bring that inside hind back just a little…and ears forward…no no no, turn your head more toward the camera…or look straight ahead! There’s no inbetween…

that’s it…much better.  Too bad the photographer cut you off.

Mommy? When I get teeth? Guess wat I’m gonna do?

8 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Barbie Teaches Murphy The Art of Posing

  1. Barbie is an excellent teacher!!! That Murphy just screams character too. Thanks for the laugh. It’s a good thing that Hudson wasn’t the one doing the teaching. 🙂

    1. I agree. A foal scowling into the camera would be tragic!
      I’m going to get a good picture of Hudson some day. We’ll have to gang up on him. Maybe throw some rocks on the barn roof? (It’s ok, I just smacked my own self for even thinking that!)

  2. His butt is taller this week! Soooo cute. You know that I just stare at these photos, chin in hand, and sigh, every time you post them right? Murphy has turned me into a thirteen-year-old girl reading Tiger Beat. Sigh.

    1. I’m totally with you in the 13 year old, flop across the bed, Hey, swap Tiger Beats, mode.

      I’m going through withdrawal. We had a ‘family’ weekend for the holiday, and it’s been 3 days and 15 hours since I’ve seen them.

      AND I had a very full day today, forcing me to choose which barn to see. (I’m doing bio-security: can’t go from one barn to another.) I need to see Hudson and make sure he’s recovered.

      Naturally, during my lunch break I played bad video footage (on my cell phone) of Murphy trying to convince me to brush HIM, and not his mom. Hilarious. To me. 😉

      1. Hahaha, I have so many pictures and videos like that. I still go through them all the time, even though they are only funny/cute/special to me.

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