Murphy Monday: The First Jump

Oh Hai.

11 days old.  Nope. Not shy.

It was gray and rainy yesterday. Mostly dry, but cloudy over night. Since the presentation arena was in use, Murphy got his first introduction to the grass paddock. His surprise was evident at the change in traction from sand to grass, but he adjusted himself quickly, and off he went, surefooted.

Mom. You went right by…this. What is…this?

Mom is ignoring me. Mommmmmmm. There’s this big black thing and I don’t know what…


I know what it is!  It’s FUN!  I wanna do this again. Mom look. Look look look I can jump!

I can FLY…

There goes mom again. Whatever. Tried it. Didn’t do much for me.  What’s over there?

This is my Auntie Jane. Did you know humans were collapsible? Really.  They fold up. Sometimes they’re as tall as my mom and sometimes they are as short as me.

Thanks for taking our picture, Shaun…

17 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: The First Jump

  1. Love. Want. Need.

    He is absolutely perfect. Gorgeous eye, great conformation, long legs. I can already picture him posing on the line, winning hack classes, jumping oxers with his gorgeous white legs tucked under his chin…. Sigh. He’s wonderful.

    1. If it’s not pouring tomorrow (today’s weather) I’ll take a pic of what the mare/foal grass turnout faces: the Hunt barn next door.
      Huge. Hunter. Arena.
      Brilliantly painted jumps. Gorgeous looking footing. Hunt riders working. He’s getting to see it all.

      His future. 😉

      1. I am afraid to jinx it if I say more… but I do think he is very special.

        For what it’s worth, Tucker hung his head over the fence and watched the show hunters all day long during the first year of his life. Totally think it helped.

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