The Cuteness Overload Post: Foals

To be clear: None of them are ours…yet.

News flash:  her tail was braided today, and her bedding was switched to straw.  It’s like watching presents pile up under the Christmas tree.

Barbie looked at one of the midgets this morning with interest, as if she wanted to investigate. He looked back at her with a bit of sassiness, then scampered after his mom on her way to turn out. Barbie’s ears pricked.

She might be getting the idea…?

Barbie this morning:

Feed me…or scratch me…I don’t care which, just chose ONE.

Babies nearby: (Get your Awwww muscles in gear!)

9 thoughts on “The Cuteness Overload Post: Foals

  1. Yup, cuteness meter topped out! Can’t wait to see what Barbie delivers! She is looking beautiful! Motherhood-to-be becomes her!

  2. OMIGODSOADORABLE! Do they clip them to get them used to the clippers right away or because it’s hot there? Never seen a foal with half a body clip!

    Barbie is lookin good. Has her tail gotten floppy yet? (All the muscles relax completely and you can lift it right up, that’s usually a day or so away from baby.)

    1. I can report it wasn’t floppy yesterday morning. I’m on my way over and will check again. 😉

      On the foals and clipping, I’ll check with Daisy, but I believe they clip to determine true color. (Just the neck/head.) Maybe too, to be able to see their true facial features? Arabians, it’s important to see faces! When the palomino was born, he appeared to my eye to be cream…

      1. Wow! Didn’t know someone posted pictures of our foals? To answer the question why did we clip up the heads and necks … are pretty much correct. Arabian breeders want to see what is under all that fur with regard to the head and neck! It’s most important in making a judgement on the value of the foal. It also serves a secondary purpose of desenitizing the foal to clippers and being handled. Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned. We have 2 more foals due.

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