The Eating Monster

I got a text from Daisy:

Daisy: Barbie is an Eating Monster!  Almost lost a limb. Grained her.

Jane: She’s telling baby HERE eat your own food and eating twice as much?

Daisy: Yes. YOU feed her.

Jane: I value my arms.  Do we have a long stick?

Daisy: We did ten minutes ago.  Gone.

She’s been carrying high, she’s a racing stock TB, a maiden mare, and she hasn’t wanted to look hugely pregnant.  Now she doesn’t care.


She was attacking the grass with such ferocity her teeth were showing.

Here’s our baby:

April, April, April!

I said to Daisy: you know we are going to have thousands of baby photos. It’s going to be adorable every second.

I’ll probably be banned from the barn.

But I am so going to win the baby pool.  We’re placing bets on her delivery date.

9 thoughts on “The Eating Monster

  1. If she’s born on my birthday (April 10) can I help name her?

    p.s. Giraffe-print Carhartts. We need to quit our real jobs and start designing awesome clothes for horse-women.

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