Falling in Love With Our Horses: The First Valentine

First, thank you for sharing your experience, horses and hearts with us, it’s lovely to hear how you found each other.  A happy, horsey Valentine’s day to all.  And keep the love coming! (If I missed someone, please let me know, occasionally I am blinded by my inbox.)

Jen B’s story:

I too am lucky to have had several, and sometimes concurrent, horse loves in my life. Although I can also say I have ridden, and even owned, horses that I never really felt a close connection with. My current boy is probably my greatest love. As soon as I saw his cute face I knew I was in, but what happened after really clinched it.

He was 3 years old and unstarted. He had never been lunged but the current owner suggested I take him out to the yard and try to lunge him to see how he moved. This was a ridiculous idea but for some reason I went with it. Well it turned out as one would expect. He careened around like a crazy man in all directions BUT a circle. At one point he came galloping right at me (not aggressively, but in a confused kind of way). I finally gave up before someone got hurt and we took him into the barn. I figured this guy is going to hate this stranger who takes him from his herd, puts him on a rope and swings a whip at him. But no. The moment of love came when I stood at his should, after the debacle, and he turned his head toward me, nose to my belly, ears up, curious and sweet. That was it. If this guy was that forgiving of a complete stranger, he had to be mine.

I’ve now owned him for coming on four years and he still has that trusting, forgiving nature I fell in love with on that first day.

Tammy’s story:

First part at Horse Trail Riders

Fast forward 3 more years and my feelings haven’t changes.  I love my mare!  Although most of the time we are content just riding down the road or riding with friends, we have entered one horse show (didn’t win) and 3 competitive trail rides (she placed 6th in the first one and 2nd in the last one!)  I will never have that “finished horse” or the one that you can just get on after months of not riding and “she rides like she is ridden everyday!” No, that would be too easy.  She likes to push my buttons and then I push hers – she wins some, I win some.  Never fails to embarrass me when I’m riding with someone who has been around horses all their lives.  But has made me proud more time than not. So another compromise.

Sometime I need to take the time to update our story on my blog, but for now it still fits.

Funder’s experience at It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time

Lisa’s experience at Gracie and Allie


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