Frosting, The Force Field T-Shirt, and Why Jane Has So Few Pictures of her Friends

I confess.  I go to a party, take a few pictures of humans, and a hundred pictures of anything with butter cream.  It kind of makes you wonder who I consider my real friends.

Daisy didn’t know it, but for my birthday last October, she gave me an article of clothing that possesses Super Hero powers.  It wards off cake attacks of all kinds.  I have no idea why this is true.  But if an overflow of butter cream threatens the world order, I don my I Heart Cupcakes t-shirt, and I’m transformed into someone who isn’t remotely tempted to eat the frosting to death.  It makes me super human: I can throw frosting away.  Like in the trash. Shocking.

I use it sparingly. What will I do if it wears out?

I had it on all day today.  Worked.  There was an attempted mugging by a donut AND a slice of lemon cake: both were unable to penetrate the t-shirt force field.

Something very mysterious is at work here.  I know the t-shirt came from a bakery. What kind of bakery makes an anti-sugar force field?  It’s a front.  I think the government is experimenting on us again.  Maybe it’s a Bakery version of Area 51.

Or a beta version battle-field body armor, should we ever decide to invade France’s bakery arrondissement?


In other news, TLH now has an Archive page.  You can go read posts alllll the way back to 2008, if you are brave enough to dig into the rusting Unicode of history.



15 thoughts on “Frosting, The Force Field T-Shirt, and Why Jane Has So Few Pictures of her Friends

  1. dressage rider

    Have I got the perfect cupcake for you! Johnny Cupcakes! 0 carbs! 0 sugar! 0 fat! And…it’s a t-shirt bakery. No, really. It’s a t-shirt company set up like a bakery. Great marketing strategy but I don’t think there are any horse related designs. Check it out:

      1. dressage rider

        Delivered “fresh” worldwide is a good one too. They’re all limited editions and very unique. All the rage around here where he got his start.

  2. Young Equestiran

    Oh my! How I love cupcakes. And cake. And anything that is baked, really (aside from hard tack- ick). A friend of mine and I make it a tradition to go and eat cake after every horse-related event, because a) we are usually always half-starved by the end of the day and b) if we didn’t have a tradition, we would be 300 lbs from eating cake whenever we feel like it. Now, that is certainly not to say that we do not indulge ourselves in a little gelato every now and then….

  3. Marissa

    Just finishing up my double stuffed oreo snack and catching up on my blogging… I don’t get it? Are cupcakes bad for you? Cause those look really pretty… wouldn’t they make me pretty too?

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Oh no. Cupcakes are good for you!
      (I just fixed a typo: Cupcakes are God for you…talk about a Freudian slip.) They are only problematic, like Aarene says, if you are running out of comfortable storage areas.
      (I’m doomed. I know I’m going to Sift today.)

  4. theliteraryhorse Post author

    I have to say, hands down, these are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Daisy introduced me to Sift cupcakes. Jane no longer has to buy an entire CAKE to satisfy the craving: cupcakes = auto portion-control. If she can buy only one.
    If you can handle the adrenaline, go visit: Sift.

  5. Sweetbay

    A t-shirt with magical powers to ward off desserts ~ amazing! If there were cupcakes like that at the parties I went to I’d be taking their pictures too.


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