The 2011 Post A Day Challenge


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The Amazing Folks at WordPress have thrown down the blogging gauntlet, albeit with the literary equivalent of donuts with sprinkles: they will send me helpful tips, encouragement, and possible browbeating disguised as a cheerful daily email.

We all know I can’t resist a donut with sprinkles, even in word form.

I have an overload of self-knowledge in the area of resolution/change.  (Eeyore voice over: It’ll never worrrrrk.)  I try to keep my goals modest, so I have a stab at achievement.

2008’s goal: I need a place to show up every day, in words.  Brilliant plan!  Start a blog that no one will read.  Check.

2009 was an eye-opener. Readers? Really? Where the heck did YOU come from?!? Uh-oh.

2009’s goal: Do not panic.  Stick to original goal, and show up in words every day. Try to keep a sense of humor and perspective. TLH is not The New York Times or Robin Williams.  It’s not exactly on the map of Blogdom.  Whew.  Check.

The start of 2010 wasn’t so hot in the non-blog arena, so I thought I’d better amp down my expectations.

2010’s goal: Have at least one thought a day, 5 days a week.  My brain gets to go awesomely blank on Saturday and Sunday.  The idea was to keep a couple of neurons firing.  Thought a day: check.

Note that nowhere in that statement is there anything about writing a thought down, or that the content must be more stimulating than which fast food chain has crisper french fries.


2011’s goal: a post a day, 5 days a week.  Thank you WordPress, for upping the ante. (Yes, that was anxiety, disguised by sarcasm, with an overall effect of pretending I had no choice.)  If the Reader Radar picks up a Mayday amount of dreck, I promise to regroup.  Let me know if we hit a Dreck-Berg.  I can’t always tell my flotsam from my jetsam.

I started writing this blog as a way to force myself to write something every day.  I felt quite comfortable with the idea.  I was convinced no one in their right mind would read what I wrote, therefore whatever I came up with was already a success.  Win-win.

Little did I know there were so few of us in our right minds.  And then a few of you arrived who were completely sane.  Dadgummit.  Now I wanted to be sane (occasionally) too, because even those of you in your right minds are FUN.

And lo, it came unto Jane to be mightily afraid, lest she disappoint the nifty people who dropped by: she wroteth daily, but posteth not, troubled her words would be discouraging.

Shhhhh!  You!  In the back!  Stop singing Home On The Range.

Oh wait.  Hey…maybe you’re on to something?

and seldom was heard….a discouraging word…and the skies were not cloudy all day.

Seldom.  I think I can manage seldom.  I wonder if I can cover up the grinding crunch of hitting a Dreck-berg with a harmonica?

In seriousness, folks: thank you. Your presence is a gift, and I appreciate each one of you. Your intelligence, encouragement, humor, teasing, and occasional light smack have been exactly what I needed.  If you ever doubt your impact on another person, know this: whether you’ve commented or not, you’ve changed my life for the better.

Have a donut, on me.

Now.  Pass the coffee, grab a napkin, and fill me in on whatever you feel like sharing!



24 thoughts on “The 2011 Post A Day Challenge

  1. Annette

    See, I’ve been wondering how 2011 could possibly be better than the year I got my love of my horsey life. And now, I have the answer.


  2. Liz Goldsmith

    You are setting the bar high here! There are some days when writing a blog just seems a bit more than I can deal with! And unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those bloggers who can write ahead.

    I’m looking forward to the 5-day a week fix!

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I’m sort of figuring that some days a post will say: “Hi. How ya doing? Have a nice day. BTW, this is my post for the day.”

      So far, I’ve only managed to finish hours ahead of the next day. But all the posts won’t be coffee-break consuming reading marathons, it just happened that one dumb question from my WP post-prodding email (is there a dumber question than “What makes you smile?”) opened up the gates of my Skunk Karma.

  3. Winter

    Woo hoo! I can’t wait!

    Well, technically I’m not, cuz you already started, right?

    Okay! Yay! (See? I should not have sprinkles at this hour of the night).

  4. Tullae

    The hardest part about blogging is getting someone to go with you when you ride to take photos to post on the blog.
    You seem to manage that quite frequently. I love it.
    Looking forward to a blog a day.

    I need more coffee. (first day at work in 2 weeks)

  5. Lissa Rabon

    Post a day!? Wow! That’s something to aspire to fer sure! If I could just keep my posts more horse related! I’ll try and keep up. Sometimes it’s fun if you have a “workout” partner. Go Girl!

  6. Marissa

    How exciting! A note from Jane every day! I look forward to your posts… so I have a feeling this blogging challenge may spoil me a bit.

    2010 wasn’t my best year. It was emotionally draining, psychologically tough, and overall just way more than a person should be expected to handle. However, I am bound and determined to leave all that behind me and go into 2011 with a sunny outlook, in the hopes that it will make for a better year.

    I think this blogging challenge is a wonderfully attainable goal for 2011 — looking forward to reading the resulting work product!

  7. dressage rider

    Mmm, fries! Congrats and I love your blog. Don’t feel pressured to write, just do it when the mood strikes.

  8. EvenSong

    And just maybe, by November-ish, you’ll be in enough of a writing groove that you can further challenge yourself with “NaNoWriMo”–National Novel Writing Month! Fifty thousand words in a month!
    Just thinkin’.

    1. AareneX

      Heh heh heh, Evensong, you are MY kind of wicked. A *novel* from Jane? How coooooool would that be?

      More horsey than Jane Smiley.
      More funny than a weasel on speed.
      More sprinkles than three Starbucks stores in a blender!

      Oooooh, baby, you know we want it!

  9. Barbara

    So far Blogger hasn’t threatened us with anything that dire. Or if they did, they skipped me. I love blogging but I am inconsistent. I also have blogs scattered all over the place, work blog (PR) horse blog, creative attempts (HA!) blog, etc. If I put them all together I would probably have at least an entry a day, but my mind won’t let me.
    Keep blogging, we will keep reading.


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