Today is Daisy’s birthday.

Any birthday in which you have to get up at 3 am to go to work, and go to sleep at 7 pm, is not a good birthday.  I wished her a happy birthday this morning, but really, how far can an email go?

I text her to distract us both:

Jane:  I’m having a little steer anxiety about tonight?  No one is going to expect me to know how to shoo one right?

Daisy: For Pete’s sake, you KNOW everyone who’ll be there.

Jane: What if I look stupid?  Strike that.  I will look stupid. I’ll be the only person wearing a helmet. On a horse that isn’t moving.

Daisy: No one cares!

Jane: What if I fall off?

Daisy: Get a grip.  U R not going to fall off.  H will take care of you.

Jane: He’s gonna be so excited to be around cows, he’s gonna toss the idiot english rider to get her out-of-the-way.

Daisy: He is NOT.

Jane: I know I know.  It’s stupid.

Long pause.  Daisy is letting it sink in, my declaration of how stupid I’m being.  It’s true. Okay.  I’ll get a grip.  I’m done now.  And strangely enough…I am.  I’m not anxious anymore.  It will be what it will be, and I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to learn a little about roping and take some baby steps in another direction.  I mentally switch tracks to another subject:

Jane: Tell me when you get off the bus.

Looooong pause.  While I’m waiting for a reply, it hits me that A) Daisy doesn’t know I’m over it, and B) she thinks I want to call her and repeat the above drama ad nauseum on the phone.   Hi, Happy Birthday, let me torture you with my anxieties in text AND on the phone! I’m in the middle of writing her a follow-up text when hers comes in:

Daisy: Still on the bus.  Have a lot of errands to run after.

This is polite code for: SHUT UP already.  I laugh out loud.

Jane:  Silly.  I don’t want to torture you with more weirdness!  I want to sing.

Daisy: NO.

Jane: Yup.

Daisy: I have another ten hours on the bus.

Jane:  I can wait ten hours.

Ha.  She doesn’t think I’ll sing to her.  (Whohahaha)  You want to join me?

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy birthday to youuuuuu

Happy BIRTHday dear Daaaaaisy….

Happy Birthday toooo youuuuu…!!!!

You have no idea how glad I am that you were born, and that you’re my friend.  Happy, happy birthday!

7 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY!!!!!!! From Me, Tucker, Julie, Lilly, Sterling, and Homer (we all sang together this morning in our best respective human/equine/feline/turtle voices. I thought it would be more festive than me singing alone, with a cold.)

  2. Good morning! And Happy Birthday to Daisy!
    I found y’all yesterday when reading about Mr. Chips and the soccer ball. Nearly died laughing and sent it to all my horsey friends.
    About me? Horse crazy girl for over 50 years. I’m past the riding stage, but do write equestrian fiction about strong, competent horsewomen!

    1. I am so happy Mr. Chips is living on through other people, and making them laugh the way he made me laugh. Thanks for taking the time to say hi, and letting us meet you (I love that). Have a donut! Coffee is over there, and I see that cozy armchair is open next to the fireplace. 🙂

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