Frequent Flying Mileage

Today’s episode of TLH brought to you by my high school friend Mr. A, who joined the air force after HS and is now a pilot of a major US airline – that is not Northwest.  Thankfully, or he’d never live it down.

For horse people, Frequent Flier Miles does not bring up the image of aircraft.  We fly solo (with the exception of Eventing, where the horses randomly fly near us) at great velocity, taxing several laws of physics, and once again jumping into the void to ensure that Newton’s Law of Gravity still works.

(That one is a simple public service issue.  Yup. Still working. Ow.)

Without us, the emergency health care system would be kaput.  It’s our job to keep ER staff sharp, to which my recent broken ribs will attest.   Oops, my bad.  Didn’t go to the hospital.  My apologies to the general public.  It hurt too much to go to the Emergency Room.

You guessed it, this is one weird segue way into off-topic Saturday entertainment!

Tweetin On a Jet Plane (uh, not Peter, Paul and Mary)

Also, from Divine Caroline, 14 real products from that lovely magazine in the seat pocket, the Sky Mall.  I’m seriously considering the traction device.

WTF? Fourteen Odd Products You Can Buy from SkyMall – DivineCaroline.

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands in the sky.  Caveat: as long as you’re in a plane.  Those guys got fired.  Have fun up there!


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