Spring Blog Remodel

It’s still Jane, and this is still TLH.  I’m trying different formats looking for something spiffy, yet comfortably readable.  It’s possible you could return, and the header would be a plate of cupcakes.  Please bear with me while I experiment, and let me know whatcha see.  (Bye bye to water photo behind the posts.  In some browsers, no white “page” shows up with the words on it, just typeface on water ripples.  Hard to read.  AHHHHh.  I can’t find my nifty shadow photo of Barbie.


5 thoughts on “Spring Blog Remodel

  1. Marissa

    Are we back to the old format by now? Did I totally miss the blog remodel? I for one just love the shadow picture… I vote in favor of keeping it even if you redo the rest (for what my humble opinion is worth, which is probably quite little).

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      We are back to the old format. I’ll remodel some of the pages, and then see where we are.

      I couldn’t stand not having the shadow pic up. Thankfully it’s saved to my blog.

  2. Halt Near X

    Now see, I would have thought my redesign disaster would have convinced everyone else that while a little spring cleaning sounds like a great idea, it’s not so great in reality.

    I mean, someone has to learn from my mistakes, and we all know that person won’t be me.


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