FTF: Shetland and Mini Movies

One of the trainers hauled a large mini to the barn for the day, for her very young students.  I mistakenly thought he was a Shetland: the lack of rotundity and uber-bushiness should have clued me in, but I was in love.  Fifty two years old and I wanted to snatch him away from a happy five-year old.  Fortunately, I controlled myself.  He was totally delightful.  Very calm and submissive.  Totally un-Shetland like. (though I’m sure calm and submissive Shetlands do exist.)

So I went looking for a Shetland fix. I must admit I was surprised at the utter lack of “Daisy Reins” in any of the videos I sorted through.

Mini(s) Movie of the Day fits right in with Temple Grandin’s chapter on how horses learn in “Animals Make Us Human”.

Shetland Dressage  The offensive BTV/Rollkur video has been removed. To see original we were discussing in comments, click here. (My apologies, I posted the wrong video.  I’m hoping it was an anomaly, as the others of Zorro that I’ve seen do not have him cranked back.  Sadly, it may not be.  I wonder if the pony had been sold?) This is the same pony.  Zorro looks astonishingly like Tiny, if Tiny had been shrunk in the dryer.)

Shetland Airs Above the Ground (Capriole)

Shetland high Jump

Shetland Hunter Course
(might want to turn the volume down…) Love to see the kids walking the course!

Shetland Hunter   (Nope.  You didn’t miss it the first time around.  It’s another addition, I tripped over it.  As I am learning what to feel and reach for in a hunter, I saw this video and thought, wow nice even hunter rhythm…in a Shetland?)


12 thoughts on “FTF: Shetland and Mini Movies

  1. enlightenedhorsemanship

    On the new Zorro video: I’d let Zorro do anything he wants to get away from the voice of that trainer!
    I have a renewed respect for Shetlands now. It’s been a long time–no wonder you wanted to kidnap the mini!

    1. Jane

      I thought she was calling out the test…? Maybe a practice one? It sounded as if she repeated herself a few times.

      I confess. I surfed Shetland sale ads. Maybe when I retire I’ll be the crazy old lady with 50 Shetlands in a rescue. No, better make that 20. We save, not hoard. 😉

  2. theliteraryhorse Post author

    I updated the Dressage Pony Video of Zorro. I’d looked through about 8 or so, and chose the one that showed him being cared for, without really looking at the riding, since I’d seen it in the other videos. My bad, for sure. You all know I hate BTV or RollKur. Thanks to Kim for pointing it out! Much better to be corrected than let ignorance stand.

    I can’t help but wonder if someone didn’t spot this pony and buy him, taking him to the fancy place in the original video.

    I decided to replace the original with one of him being ridden appropriately in a dressage test, to show that Shetlands can be ridden in dressage.

    It leaves me with a lingering concern for this pony: there is no question with that thick throat latch, that his airway would be compromised by more than an accidental BTV, and certainly by RK.

  3. lizgoldsmith

    I love the capriole! Gotta give the little guy credit for launching that pudgy body that high on those short little legs!

    1. enlightenedhorsemanship

      I know! What a serious chunk! I figure, if he can do it, I can at least get my butt out from behind the desk and move. An inspiration, that caprioling Shetland (I think I just made up a word, sorry).

  4. enlightenedhorsemanship

    There are calm and submissive Shetlands? Do they live with unicorns?
    My sister had a Shetland named Flicka (I know don’t SAY it!) who was the sweetest teacher of all time, but she could not have been called submissive in any way. She was a teacher. Supposedly she is still around someplace, teaching little kids to ride, though I think she was 32 when she left my sister for a younger kid. We still hear stories of her exploits.
    I like the video, but I have to object to the hyperflexion in Dressur Shetlander.
    Please keep Tiny out of the dryer, because I really want to meet him in his current form someday!
    LOVED the Hamster Dance video. Those kids are tough! Though if a Shetland runs out and dumps you on a hunter course you probably deserve it. Great life lessons.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      How did I miss that? I see he’s way behind the vertical in w/t, the canter looked good to me though? Must be that I had several videos of him to choose from…I don’t think they were all that far behind or I would have noticed? Ack.

      (And yes, I agree, the submissive Shetlands live with Unicorns and knock over the leprechaun’s pots of gold when feeling mischievous.)

      I’m going to have to get someone to take a pic of me on Tiny in his dressage gear, you will be shocked how much he looks like this pony!


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