Okay Jane, What Gives?

After my last confusing attempt to disentangle my thoughts and set them out electronically, I thought I’d better, um, stop writing.  In my head, the last post was hysterical.  (I know!  Can you believe that? The post might have tripped over a humor gopher hole, but it didn’t land in anyone’s lap with a sparkly feather boa.) Sigh.

Just like I can’t hide my riding level, I can’t hide that our life is in snow-globe mode right now.  Shaun’s mom is not doing well, it doesn’t look good.  Shaun is trying to sort out a medical mystery issue of her own.  Lily has been very ill and needs a risky surgery.  A friend’s son was severely injured in a freak accident.   Our family is praying a lot, never a bad thing.  (But I’d prefer they were all prayers of thanks instead!)  This has all hit my “worry” button, which overrides any iota of humor I might possess.  It’s all serious stuff, that needs to be handled seriously. I believe in the power of the funny bone along with prayer: but I seem to have misplaced mine.

I’m hoping if I tell y’all the truth, it will be easier on everyone.  It’s honest at least.  You may be getting some of the smaller, dumb, silly-funny moments.  My life never lets me take myself seriously for too long.  (My brain is quite pompous, and frequently needs to get over itself.  I play jokes on it all the time.)

Thank you for hanging in with me.  Whatever your faith or method of sending positive energy to people, all the above people could use a big dose of the divine.  In my case it’s God, but I have lots of room for all beliefs (that do not harm others) so whether it’s prayer, positive thoughts, a moment of silence, a note dropped in a prayer wheel, an orange, rice, some flowers in offering, we’d all sure appreciate your expressions of healing energy!


12 thoughts on “Okay Jane, What Gives?

  1. Marissa

    What is it about those bad patches? It can never be just one thing to worry about… it always has to be just lots and lots of worries until things smooth themselves out again. I will be thinking very good thoughts for you and your family and truly hope the smoothing out happens very soon. Not just because I am now dependent on you for a laugh (I can always hit the archives if I start to get the shakes) but because you good people deserve good things. Tucker and I both hope things start looking up soon, or at the very least that you have the fortitude to withstand this rough patch (we know you do).

  2. lizgoldsmith

    I’m so sorry that life circumstances are conspiring against you. I’m beaming all my positive energy thoughts your way.

    Let’s just hope that by having to deal with so many issues simultaneously, that it’s clearing you for an extra long problem free spell.

  3. JackieB

    So sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Hope you can find your funny bone again. I’ve been in a bad patch too and humor has helped.

    I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.

  4. ZhiZhu

    Hi Jane,

    I’m really sorry to hear that your life is being so “interesting” right now. I completely understand how draining that is. I’m sending positive vibes your way and hope things get better for you soon.

    Anyway, just thought that I’d let you know that I’ve linked back to your blog from my blog. You’re the first person that I’ve linked to that I don’t actually know in “real” life. But I’ve very much enjoyed reading your posts.

  5. dressage rider

    Dang it Jane! You can’t steal my thunder like that. I just posted something similar 😦

    No, in all seriousness I’m sorry to hear about things. I’ll send lots of prayers your way and hope that our funny bones bounce back soon. Keep us posted.

  6. Breathe

    Sending you prayers, healing thoughts and some balm for your funny bone too.

    It’s no fun to be in a dark place, and half the time you don’t know if it’s a hole or a tunnel. During the worst times around here I watch the Daily Show on the internet. No matter what, he makes me laugh.

    And sometimes that’s all you can do.


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