Can We Reschedule?

The saying in the medical profession goes something like this:  When you hear hoofbeats, you look for horses, not zebras.

Here is the full New York Times article on the runaway Zebra in Georgia.

The zebra is fine.  Georgia, however, had a huge traffic snarl on its hands when the escaped circus zebra galloped down a highway during rush hour yesterday.  It was finally ‘herded’ into capture by police cars.  If you have a sense of humor like mine, you might find the following quote from the NY Times article amusing:

“It was an inconvenient time for this to happen because the downtown connector southbound usually gets backed up on its own, that time of day.”

~Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman

I’m afraid I embarrassed Shaun in the coffee shop by spewing out my coffee.  When, exactly, is it convenient for a zebra to gallop down the freeway?

The highway patrol was very lucky it was a circus zebra, used to being handled.  Zebra’s are not known for their easy domestication!


3 thoughts on “Can We Reschedule?

  1. Marissa

    I’ve always wanted a zebra. Maybe he was running toward New Jersey to be my newest pet? If I had as demanding a performance schedule as most circus animals do, I think I’d run away too. Ironically, when I was little I always used to threaten that I was running away to *join* the circus. Oh, how times do change.

  2. jen

    That part of the article cracked me up too. I felt so very sorry for Mr. Zebra; I can only imagine how terrified he was, galloping down a freeway during rush hour with all those people chasing him! My horse comes from a long line of domesticated creatures and I think that scenario would give him PTSD. I also felt bad when they said they planned on him performing that night despite his ordeal.


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