I Found Our Workout!

This is the perfect workout for all us  horse oofing riding, chocolate scarfing, book reading, procrastinating, really-should-exercise-someday souls.

Instead of Hatha Yoga, we have HAHA Yoga. It’s a workout that intersperses laughter with periods of yoga.

Really.  Would I kid about something like that?  Watch and giggle.

To find a laughter yoga club near you, go to LaughterYoga.org, click on the Find Club tab, and enter your information.  I may be taking a trip to San Francisco in the near future.  For research purposes of course!


11 thoughts on “I Found Our Workout!

  1. tangodressage

    What a great video- I think anyone seeing me doing yoga would laugh anyway! I would join a horse group like this if there were enough people to do it (not sure if the local dressage club would get enough joiners!)

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I don’t know how, but somehow I missed this comment until May 8th! I clicked on the link and burst out laughing so hard everyone had to come running to see why. Amen to our yoga uniforms!
      Thanks for the laugh Kim!!

  2. dressage rider

    Laughter is contagious and does make us feel better. That’s why I read your blog 🙂 I enjoyed / could do this but please don’t make us all dress alike.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Lee you’re a genius. My train of thought: “ew, ugh dressing alike…not funny. I wonder how we could dress alike that could be funny?”

      Let’s all dress like 1950’s housewives in appliance commercials! If that doesn’t make us roar with laughter, what will?? Snap on those pearls and show us your vacuuming arm!

      1. Dressage Rider

        I’m a genius? Wow.

        Um, this is hard…
        I don’t think I own pearls (real or otherwise).
        make up? check
        vacuum? check
        appliances? check
        arm? double check, muscles too!
        hmm, dress or pedal pushers? apron? (may need to go second hand store shopping)

        I’ll do it if you do. I’ll double dare you!

        1. theliteraryhorse Post author

          I don’t have pearls either…hm trip to the second hand store.
          make up? check.
          Vacuum? check but not a canister Dang there has to be a toaster or something around here?

          I’ll do it! It may take me awhile to get the outfit together and Daisy to stop laughing long enough to snap a pic, but isn’t that what this is all about? Laughing? I’ll email you when I’ve got it together!

          Anyone else interested in making a complete fool of themselves? Strictly for research and educational purposes?

          1. Marissa

            I can loan you guys pearls if you loan me some appliances! (I use a shop vac to clean my apartment. That includes dusting the stove. I’m very domestic.)

          2. theliteraryhorse Post author

            I swing from “look, it’s time to vacuum the ceiling again” to, “gee, we’re out of clean plates already?”

            Cleaning I don’t mind. Cooking? Here’s a puzzle: I wax the stove like guys wax cars, but I never want to drive the thing.

            I’m with you: stove dusters unite!

            Hm…we have an extra waffle iron I could loan you…

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