PSA: On Gloves/Lunging

Dang.  Another not funny post.  We’ll try to get back to our regular programming soon.  A few re-runs of I Love Lucy or Are You Being Served should help!

This is only my opinion. It’s what works for my hand size and shape.   I’m comparing two gloves and tell you why I like one more than the other for lunging.  If you missed the discussion on gloves and lunging, you can find it here.

Exhibit A: (I love visual aids!)

Safer: a crochet back with pig skin palm.  This one is an SSG. Ovation makes a nice one without velcro.  It has a horseshoe-shaped opening at the wrist.  Note open Velcro.

Exhibit B

Safest:  SSG’s, designed for riding, fit like a riding glove.  To make it a better lunging glove, I flip-up the cuff.  This makes the opening wider, and it’s less likely the Velcro can accidentally attach if it brushed the cuff of your jacket.

Exhibit C:

Here’s the same riding glove, next to a glove often marketed for lunging (see padded palm), and a very good reason that elastic wrist gloves, though they may look close in opening size, are usually not wide enough to slip off easily.  You can tell by the wear that I love these rancher gloves.  I don’t feel they are as safe with a lunge line.  Even though they have a wider palm.

The close up:  you can see a big difference in opening size.   I want an opening that is close in size to the widest part of my palm, and an inside surface that is not gripping all the way around.

For what it’s worth, this is what works for me.  You have to figure out what is going to work for your hand size and shape. The ambient temperature you’re working in does matter. Stiff fingers aren’t going to help you either, in an emergency.  Anyone have a favorite snow weather glove they’d like to recommend for lunging?


6 thoughts on “PSA: On Gloves/Lunging

  1. enlightenedhorsemanship

    gosh. I wear Exhibit B, cuffs flipped. it must be by happy accident, because I don’t even lunge horses.

    I’m really liking this trend of reality horsemanship posts you’re into.

    REAL images of boots, gloves, etc. Excellent! Pictures tell the truth, unless they are of me. Then they’ve been photoshopped.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Now what is up with that? Photos of me are all photoshopped also, and I must say they really didn’t need to add the extra pounds and wrinkles.

      My boots have been bugging me to post a picture of them not covered in mud. They’re horribly embarrassed. I’ve told them to get over it.

      We’ll see who wins. 😉

  2. Breathe

    I’ve got a non padded pair of deer skin gloves that look like the ones you’ve shown. I don’t do any lunge lining, though, because I’m a newbie with broke horses.

    Still, I appreciate the points. And, as your experience demonstrated, you don’t even have to be the person doing the training to suddenly have to react.

    Having the velcro undone on gloves would probably irritate me, though. I’m not usually fussy, but I don’t like things flapping around my wrist. Just one of those things. Can’t even stand bracelets. Perhaps I was a convict in a previous life.

  3. tangodressage

    Ha ha- Sorry, it was actually very funny! I like the rain descriptions! I could almost hear them. The talking about the lungeline just reminded me of asking an owner “do you have a lungeline?” and they run in and hand me one of those and I cringe!

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I thought this was interesting: I looked at the Dover online catalogue to see if I could find photo examples of different lunge lines…and all I could find on their site were the safer lines. Either padded or cotton.

      Maybe the word is getting out! The cotton ones, heck the padded ones, can still burn you, but they are much less likely to cause major trauma.

      Glad the rain one made you laugh! It really did come down so hard that I was pushed down into the mud. Ark rain exists. 🙂


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