Mr. Chips Playlist

Just writing that makes me crack up.

There’s a new page on TLH: Mr. Chips Greatest Hits. As I remember them and have time, I’ll add to the list. Of course, In The Hall of the Mountain King is first.

Today is official Panic About Everything day: I may not get anything posted. AHhh, Mom is coming to stay, clear out Lee-Lee’s room! What, only 10 more shopping days until Christmas?! No cookies made yet! To top it off, because of the drenching downpour, we have an ant invasion. (They do not march one by one. The march ten by ten. It’s a bad sign to have them march in pre-sugar. I’ve bombed them and set out ant mines.) The party on Saturday, was that a potluck? What did I say I’d bring? Note: it’s coming in plastic from a store if the ants don’t go bye-bye immediately.

The glass is half full: hey it’s only 7:30 am! Plenty of time to do it all. Yup. Plenty of time. Right?  RIGHT?!?

(Oops.  Sorry about that.)


4 thoughts on “Mr. Chips Playlist

  1. Halt Near X

    I discovered I had an ant problem this summer when I left a donut unattended for two minutes and came back to find that it had sprinkles.

    Come of think of it, my sugar-free diet started soon after…

    I wonder if this is marketable? The Formicidae Diet: Formidably Effective! If it works for you, I’ll build a website… you can have 10% of the profits if you’ll give me a testimonial…


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