Social Vibe Controversy on The Literary Horse

We’ve established I’m a Bleeding Heart Liberal.

Now I’m a Bleeding Heart Liberal in Trouble.

I chose to use a widget (for the non-bloggers, it’s just that: a little thingie that does something) called Social Vibe on TLH.  The idea: free advertising by “sponsors” to help raise money for clean water.  You can see it in the side bar on the right, scrolling down.  Readers click on the “help” button, follow short instructions, and voila, water is donated.  To date (it says) 514 gallons have been raised.  I chose Showtime as the sponsor: I figured they had the big bucks, and readers would be more tempted to watch a video clip of an upcoming show than some of the other sponsor options.

I noticed the water had trickled to a halt.  Checked it out.  Turns out I have to pick a different sponsor every so often, out of a very small group of sponsors. (Four)  In other words, Social Vibe effectively shut itself down on my site.  You’d think they’d let you know.  I looked at the choices, trying to pick one readers might find tolerable to interact with.  I like Body Glove’s clothing line, thought, “How bad can that be?”

I wasn’t thinking.  Body Glove also has a swimsuit line.  For women.  I clicked on Social Vibe myself to check out what BG wants you to do.  They want you to rate a video.  Of a model in a kabillion itty bitty swimsuits. I would not want my daughter to see this video.  Or my son for that matter.

It’s practically pornographic.

I’m sure that’s the idea behind the video.  Problem: I watched (through my fingers), and my reaction wasn’t “cute swimsuits”.  It was, Oh Lord, I’m so FAT.   My eyes!  My eyes!  Take it away!!  Make it stop!

(note: you can make it stop by clicking on the stars below to give it a rating, and clicking Next.)

A zillion dollars in psychotherapy and forced self-acceptance, undone by an eensy one minute video, great lighting, and spandex.  My first reaction: remove Body Glove as the sponsor for clean water.  Then I thought, hey wait a minute…mostly women (I think) read this blog, why not let them tell Body Glove exactly how they feel about this video?  You can do that with by rating it, and still donate water.  Social Vibe isn’t supporting BG, it’s supporting getting clean water to people in serious crisis.

So have at it girls.   What do you think?  Should I put up Folgers instead?  Get rid of Social Vibe?   Opinions, please?

This is an Unofficial Post, and by Jane Blog Rules, does not count as an actual post (unless I can’t think of a darn thing to write).  If this were an actual post, you might be laughing.  Check back.  If you find yourself injured by hot apple cider up your nose, we may have made an Official Post.


10 thoughts on “Social Vibe Controversy on The Literary Horse

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Bye Bye Social Vibe.

    I tried out other sponsors. Who knew it could get worse?
    Coffemate wanted readers names and addresses before it would donate.
    Uh. NO.
    Truvia wanted readers to upload PHOTOS before it would donate.
    I didn’t bother with the other two. Apparently Folgers was no longer available.

    One of those things (bleeding heart liberal) that sounds so good in theory (I’m helping! I can ask other people to help, no harm done!) and is so brazenly opportunistic it makes me cringe.

    But thanks you guys, you supposedly raised more than $56,000 dollars towards getting clean water to people in need.

  2. enlightenedhorsemanship

    I”d stick to Folgers. I removed my widget in favor of a cleaner look. I’m donating privately to WATER and clicking on others widgets. You can bet I’ll tell body glove how I feel if you keep them. My first thought about them as a sponsor? Yuck. No way.

  3. lizgoldsmith

    Despite the videos by the swim suit manufacturers anyone who’s been to a masters (adult) swim meet knows that there are ALL kinds of bodies zipped into those super skinny tight suits.

    The first time I saw some of the men I really did a triple take. Talk about leaving little to the imagination!

    Now I just take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of people who distract everyone else from looking at me. And I’ve stopped worrying about the perfect body and concentrate on not drowning during my race.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Good concentrating on not drowning Liz! We need you. 🙂 Master’s: you have to have endurance with a capital E for that. I tried out back when I was swimming a mile a day, 5 days a week.

      They were very nice, but after I got lapped for the zillionth time by some very fit 75 year olds, I realized they, uh, didn’t need my help.

      You must be in great shape!

  4. Lisa

    I like the water idea, but the swim suit one only supports the glorification of ‘perfect’ bodies. I personally am not into that (been there, done that).
    I prefer concentrating more on the insides and letting the outsides radiate the beauty from within (I said that eruditely, didn’t I?)
    I’d do Folgers, even though I don’t like their coffee (but living in Austria has changed my view about a good cup of coffee).

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I’m leaning that way myself. I think I’ll leave it up a few more days so people can let BG know they aren’t thrilled with the video, then switch.

      Folgers reminds me of 5am at the breeding barn. No time to make real coffee. Gotta have the good stuff now…

      1. Lisa

        Oh I hear ya. Coffee around here is an absolute cult. I was a certified coffee snob for many years, drinking only the finest the Viennese Kaffeehäuser could offer.

        But I have since become an herbal-tea drinker – a drinking habit interspersed by an occasional powdered ‘capuccino’ drink from Maxwell House that I just die for.

        We use it at the barn and call it plastic coffee.

        1. theliteraryhorse Post author

          Plastic coffee! Love that. Starbucks here just came out with an instant (individual!) coffee packet called Via. You can carry it in your bag and add it to hot or cold water.

          They held a taste test. Poor Starbucks woman was positive I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

          Easy! The one that tastes like instant. 🙂


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