FTF: Meet Tiny

It’s French Toast Friday!

The perfect day to meet Tiny.

Tiny gets turned out every day in a paddock overhung by golden yellow Acacia trees.  My favorite sight is to see his happy face lift up, and watch him amble up the hill, his coat dotted with minute yellow blossoms.  It’s his dream to be My Little Pony.  It makes me happy: there he is, covered in flowers, soon to be adored, dying to be hugged.  He’s such a guy too, he knows how to work the girls.

I didn’t brush him off before I took his picture, because I wanted the little blossoms to show.  To give you an idea of his size, I’m standing about 5 or 6 feet above him on the hill.  People who are not familiar with Friesians assume he is Friesian or a Friesian X.  It’s not his body type that confuses them, he looks nothing like a Friesian: he’s true black with an impossibly thick, wavy, mane and tail.  You can see he’s getting a head start on his winter coat.   From the look of coats around the barn, we’re in for a doozy of a winter here.

I’ve taken (and deleted) hundreds of pictures of Tiny.  They are all horrible.  He’s quite handsome, and nicely put together, but put him in front of a camera and his angles go all funny. My camera, Lilli’s camera, doesn’t seem to matter.  I didn’t try for a full body shot.  The last time I did, the pics made him look like a deformed mule.

Tiny in bloom

Above is Tiny coming in for a massage, a ride, another massage, and his hoof treatment.

Below is true Tiny personality: everything must be inspected by The Lips.

I'm trying to remember...are trailers edible?

If the trailer passes the muzzle test, it proceeds to the lip test.

Tastes like...chicken..?

Are we starting to see the Shetland Pony resemblance?

My Big Pony?

For the curious who want to know his breed: Tiny is half Belgian, one quarter Morgan, and one quarter Arabian.  99% of the time, he’s Belgian, with a nice Morgan sensibility on the trail.  Someday you’ll hear about a 1%-of-the-time ride, in which his inner Arabian is unleashed: he is on FIRE.  I shouldn’t have said that.  There is no way anyone could believe that looking at these pictures!


8 thoughts on “FTF: Meet Tiny

  1. Marissa

    Awww! Tiny is adorable. I clicked over and read the story about you and your hooded parka — too funny. There is something so endearing about a very large horse with an in-your-pocket personality. What a character….

  2. GreyHorseMatters

    Tiny is adorable and looks like a real sweetheart with a very curious character. The pictures are very good, it’s so hard to get a good picture of a horse so I know how long it must have taken to get just the right shot and angle.

    1. Jane

      He’s a riot. I was hand walking him last winter: Tiny would walk quietly next to me, then reach over and flip the hood of my parka up over my head. If I put it down, he’d put it back up. I put a link up on the this post (click on his name) to take you to that story if you want. 🙂

      He’s also a pickpocket. My cell phone is now in a secured holder (so I’ll feel it should he try to steal it). One day during grooming, I heard my cell ring tone playing Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) from…INSIDE his mouth.

      I about had a heart attack, scared to death he’d swallow it. I was able to get it out immediately.

      It’s only funny now because it ended well.

      Big horse standing in cross ties emitting the muffled sound of Mick Jagger wailing: Wiiiiiiiiild Hoooorses….couldn’t drag me awaaaaay….

    1. Jane

      Most people fall in love with him once they get to know him. He’s reserved in the beginning, he has to measure up your character. 😉


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