With Thanks…

…to those who contributed to the October Carnival of the Horses.

Wonderful articles, interesting perspectives, timely reminders, and much food for thought.

Thank you Kim of Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch, for organizing the carnival and keeping it fresh.  (And for leading me gently down the AHHHH WHAT DO I DO trail, despite a full-to-bursting life of her own.)

What, about interacting with horses, matters to you?  What unique perspective motivates and sustains you?  Please submit your work for November’s Carnival.  Your voice could be the one that someone else needs to hear.  Submission form link is on the bottom of previous post.

November 1st’s Carnival of the Horses will be hosted by White Horse Pilgrim.


7 thoughts on “With Thanks…

  1. enlightenedhorsemanship

    I always love to read someone else’s perspective on what’s good about a blog carnival.
    You put it so well! Maybe you should be in charge of PR!
    Thanks again for organizing this month’s carnival, one of the all-time “best-attended,” and for making it so much fun.
    I know it wasn’t easy for you, for many reasons.
    And, since I know you are a glutton for punishment, let me know if you’d like to host again in 2010!


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