Creative Dismount: Cara’s Story

Note from Jane:  I so love this one: I can see myself doing this.  Thanks Cara!

I have come off many times since 1973.

The most memorable, for conversation anyway, was my fall from off a horse that was asleep.

We were in a group jumping lesson on school horses.  One student was on course: the rest of us were in a neutral area, waiting our turn.

It was a long, boring wait.

The waiting horses were asleep.  The waiting riders in a trance.  I heard a jet overhead, and looked up to watch.  Moving faster than the speed of sound, it was not there.  I began to scan the sky overhead, searching.

This made me dizzy.

I fell off the horse and woke him up.  He was startled and went tearing around the ring.  Everyone woke up.  It was nuts!


3 thoughts on “Creative Dismount: Cara’s Story

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      In my case, I think it has to do with having the resting attention span of a gnat.

      When I’m actively riding, I pay attention. When I am sitting still watching baby wild turkey’s on a horse with Zzzzzz’s over his head, that’s when I’m most at risk. Scary. I want to yell at myself: Pay Attention!!


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