Creative Dismounts: Chapter 1

From Halt Near X

I was riding one of my instructor’s horses at a show.   It was between classes, and we were ambling around waiting for our gate call.  Suddenly, the horse decided to roll and dropped down on his forehand.  Despite some quick kicks on my part, he kept going down; as soon as both my feet touched the ground, I jumped free and managed to pull the reins over his head.  About this time, he sees my instructor running over, and thinks better of rolling.  He stands back up, and by the time she reaches us, he’s standing quietly, and I’m standing quietly right next to him.

Everything else in the warmup ring is dying – it looked like he bowed down, let me hop off, and stood back up.

My other creative dismount was on the Super Saint.  We were jumping a line of bounces, which neither of us liked to do.  Over the first bounce, he jumped me out of the stirrups.  Over the second, he jumped me out of the tack.  Over the third, he decided since I wasn’t doing anything productive, he wasn’t going any further – and he stopped, front feet on one side of the fence, hind feet on the other.  My momentum popped me right over his shoulder.  It would have been a perfect pop-off-and-land-on-your-feet dismount, except that my right foot got caught in the stirrup.  Leg and stirrup came over the saddle, and I ended up standing  by my horse’s side, left foot on the ground, right leg stretched up in some sort of vertical splits.  He stood rock solid (there’s a reason I call him the Super Saint)  until someone was able to rescue us from my brief stint as a ballerina.

From Marissa of Tucker the Wunderkind:

This one may win the prize for “cutest” dismount.  I was about 8 or 9, and lined up in the short stirrup ring after my flat class.  It had been a long hot day, and my pony’s braids must have been getting itchy.

So as we were standing in the line-up, he lifted a hind leg to scratch his braids (much like a dog scratches his ear with a hind paw).

In doing so, he sent my little leg up and over his neck: in one move I landed on the ground on the other side.  If we had the video rolling, it definitely would have been a candidate for America’s Funniest [Videos].  Needless to say, there was a lot of giggling at my expense at the in-gate.  Only I could fall off standing still!

(Jane: I have a cohort!  I’m not the only one who can fall off a standing horse.  Marissa you’ve clearly become the better rider, since mine happened in my 30’s.)

From Wendy of Wendy’s Horse Adventures

My Worst/Best Dismount:

I was riding up in an arena one night in Saudi, on my first horse Kemo.  I had been taking lessons regularly at this point, and I thought things were going well.  I was very cognizant and pleased that I was riding “like everyone else was” doing little circles this way and that way.

I felt extremely pleased with the situation, and actually probably overdid the exercises from the horse’s point of view. As we headed toward the gate (did I mention that I was feeling smugly satisfied with our (my) session?), Kemo just bucked me right off the saddle, and I hit the sand flat on my back, my head (with helmet) whizzing into the sand with great force and giving me the best concussion ever.

No riding for two months, cotton candy vision, and a heck of a time out of the saddle to figure out what was wrong with my horse (me, and my lack of knowledge).  A turning point dismount that sounded the alarm and gave me my wake up call whether or not I wanted it.  I did.

This is the first of what I hope will be many Chapters of Creative Dismounts.  Many Thanks to Halt Near X, Marissa & Tucker, and Wendy, Buddy, & Hope for sharing their stories: it’s so fun to laugh together at our adventures and the awakenings they inspire!  Chapter 2 on Monday…keep ’em coming, long or short and we’ll have many more.

2 thoughts on “Creative Dismounts: Chapter 1

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    It’s all so reassuring and amusing at the same time. Oh pushy ponies…we DO love them so, don’t we? The donut had me laughing that awful snort laugh! I can so see it.

  2. Marissa

    Haha! Love it! By the way, I left out that this pony repeatedly embarrassed me at a child and this was just yet another time he had publicly humiliated me. There were all manner of insults — shoving his entire head and neck down a garbage can, dragging me over to the food truck to grab a donut as we walked by, eating some woman’s straw hat while standing at the in-gate. He had no shame. But I loved him.


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