Calling for Creative Dismount Submissions!

The idea for a post on, um, ‘creative’ dismounts came from a comments conversation in Hold Your Horses.  We want to hear the most creative way you’ve managed to dismount, with or without your consent.

Please send your submissions to Jane at

I think this is gonna be a fun one!  Please let me know what name you would like signed to your completely true, non-exaggerated (uh-huh…go for it!), amazing dismount story.  If I don’t see a name in the body of the email, I’ll post it as ‘anonymous’.

I have a mortifying one I’m willing to share.  Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Calling for Creative Dismount Submissions!

  1. mtinnkeeper

    more unforced dismounts than i care to admit… the only serious one physically (and mentally) was last summer when gazi went 9-0 jump to the side when some grouse come up under his belly. My dismount was probably in the ONLY place on the mountain where there was rocks… a broken finger… but not a broken spirit 🙂

    sit down and ride

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    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Did someone say cake? What a great prize. Virtual cake: no calories, no guilt, pretty picture. We’re on! Problem. I could never pick the best, they’re all good. Thinking everyone will get a slice. 😉


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