We Will Return to Our Regular Programming Once the Hamsters are Settled

The Literary Horse will be going through some blips (hopefully no bleeps) this week as we transition to a (gasp) new computer. Expected ETA: Tuesday.

photo by cjnzja

photo by cjnzja

Whew. We can put the hamsters back in their real cages.

They kept getting into the junk food, which was slowing down their ring running.  Thus slowing down our computer.  You’d think the sugar would make them hyper.  No such luck. They were waddling through the work day.  Or is that me?

We’re switching operating systems, so along with retiring the hamsters, we can expect a steep ‘Duh’ curve from our normally excellent technical department (me).

We’re also expecting relatives.  So our technical department will be advising the janitorial staff, executive chef, maitre’d, gardener, and entertainment coordinator, pitching in to help where necessary.

In other words, it’s been nice knowing you.

I hope (operative word here, hope, it has such a positive sound to it)  to get some stuff set to auto post, but this is me.  I’m the person who interrupts myself when talking. (As you all know with my addiction to parenthetical commentary.)


9 thoughts on “We Will Return to Our Regular Programming Once the Hamsters are Settled

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Fruit is replacing the hamsters. We’re going for the Apple. Figure the zen meditation aspect should generate some light speed.

      Remember the potato charged batteries from 6th grade science class? I figure apples are going to have it covered! Unless I get hungry.

      1. enlightenedhorsemanship

        do not, under any circumstances, eat the apple. remember what happened the last time some chick took a bite?

        You will love your mac. I’ve been using them since 1985. good machines. intuitive. It’ll do all the work you’ve been doing for your pc and soon you’ll wonder why you ever worked so hard.

        All you have to do is plug it in!

        1. theliteraryhorse Post author

          Whoa. Someone is THINKING. Will. Not. Bite. Apple. I’m liking my little garden of Eden.

          I can’t wait to get it up and running, though I’ll have to. I’ve been working on PC’s since my first Eagle. It ran on one floppy drive as the hard drive (!) and one floppy drive as the backup.

          All my training is in writing code to hook up MS Office programs to to work together: deciding to wash the dishes for you in response to “If/Then” statements.

          But I’m not currently doing that anyway, so…FRUIT. 🙂

          Plug it in? Really? Maybe I will take it out of the box!

  1. greyhorsematters

    I have no doubt that you can handle the entire situation with military organization.

    Love the hamster comparison, I’ve used it more than once for my computing too. Very funny.

  2. Wendy

    🙂 Good luck with the hamsters and the relatives.

    New computers and so forth can be just awful – perhaps this will go smoothly for you.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I’ve decided the new computer is going to handle everything except singing in the shower. It’s going to be sooooooooo easy. Especially if I take it out of the box. 😉


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