Weekend Movies: Latinus and Denis Lynch

In an act of utterly irresponsible blogging (disclaimer alert) I’m putting up a complete and total rumor and a video I had to watch through my fingers.  A quite possibly inflated and untrue (remember playing Telephone as a kid?) rumor has reached me that Latinus was purchased for somewhere near 7 million.  Sounded improbable.  A little of Jane’s version of thorough research (one old article and an online currency converter) revealed it was more likely in the realm (if true) of a little over 2 million.

I’d be afraid to pick the hoof of a horse worth 2 million.  I might scratch it.  Or put the hoof down too hard.  I’m not worth 2 million.

I have to say, this horse/rider team is amazing.  (This is also why I don’t jump.  I’ll happily put on a chicken suit and come cluck around your barn. )

Hats off to Denis Lynch.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Movies: Latinus and Denis Lynch

  1. The Horses Advocate

    Ethical Question of the Day: but is the life of a chicken not worth the same as any other animal?

    And what about Denis Lynch’s use of the banned drug Capsaicin (a sensitiser and an analgesic) which led to his expulsion from the Beijing Olympics?

    Does paying a large sum for a horse excuse use of drugs that may compromise the horse’s welfare?

  2. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Might be the origin of the rumor?

    Amazing how ‘information’ travels: I received it via low-tech barn aisle grapevine, not as fact (for the record), but possibility.

  3. Halt Near X

    The rumor I heard was that they turned down an offer of 7 million for him.

    Of course, that was posted on the COTH forums, where people quote article-looking things and don’t provide the sources, so… who knows. I stopped trying to figure fact from fiction there a long time ago.

    1. lizgoldsmith

      I read it on COTH, too. I find it hard to believe that anyone would either turn down (or offer) 7 million for a horse.

      I for one, would accept it!

      1. theliteraryhorse Post author

        It would give me pause at first (to sell). But anyone forking over 7 million is going to take excellent care of the horse. Probably spend it’s life between spa treatments in bubble wrap blanket and leg wraps. So I’d sell too…every horse I know would KILL me if I didn’t.


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