Happy Dance and Angelic Trumpeting

Jane got to ride yesterday!  First ride back?  Hudson.  (beatifically happy sigh)  I expected to be, well…horrible.  As in “please don’t fall off (or bounce!) and humiliate myself” horrible.

Bella let me know that Hudson had a somewhat tender hamstring.  I searched for it with my hands before I got on, so I’d know exactly what he was feeling.  I found it, could see what she meant, and could tell while not officially strained, he was indeed a bit sore.  He needed to move, but with a long walk warm-up followed by limited periods of light trot.

Fine with me, I knew I would suck.  It’s been almost a month.  I figured we were at about the same physical ability level.  Wrong on both counts.  Yahoo!

As it turned out, I not only did not suck, I had a gorgeous ride that felt relaxed, easy and thrilling…and one of the instructors called out to her student (is there anything more flattering??)  ta daaaaa…

Ride behind Jane, her equitation is perfect. Pretend to be her and hold yourself like that.

At that point I was certain I was still in bed, dreaming.  It’s been a loooong time since anyone has a) noticed my riding and b) said anything about my equitation.  (Aside from: Good grief, what on earth are you doing with your arms???  Stop that!)

I’m crediting Hudson with this.  He’s just so darn easy to ride.  He’s really good about being careful with his body, if he says he is up to it, he’s up to it.  I’m still careful (he can misjudge, like the rest of us) but he was telling me he felt like Superman.  I made him stay to walk/trot, but holy cow, what a walk trot it was!  He stretched out into the biggest stretchiest walk, booming right along, occasionally flicking an ear back as a question mark.

H: ?? Can I GO now?

J: Sorry dude, we’re being careful today.

H:  Okay.


H: ??  Now?

J:  Duuude, chill…you need to warm up a little more, your brain is four years old, but your body is a little older.  20?  Remember?

H: Okay.

(Walking that turns into huge power walk…)

H: ??  Feeling good here…(little jig)

Time to engage his brain.  I’m not sure he’s ready.  We do big walk figures.  I mix it up.  No questions for another ten minutes.

H: ??

J:  Sure.

Holy cow.  BIG trot.  I mean a HUGE, loose, back lifted and swinging, relaxed (Hudson??) lengthened strides trot, not a faster bombing trot.  He feels fantastic.  Amazing.  Clearly the hamstring is not bothering him.  Still. Going to be careful.  Monitor and bring him down after a few minutes.

In the meantime, I feel like I’m twenty five, in perfect rhythm, I’m loose and relaxed, everything is connected and simple.  I feel like superwoman.

There we were: Superman and Superwoman, in perfect harmony.  I must be sleeping.

After a month off.  What a rare experience is THAT?  I love Hudson.  He makes me feel like I can ride.

Lee Lee came with me, and snapped a somewhat distorted pic with her cell.  Hudson is doing a typical Hudson thing, twisting his muzzle in a goofy take-my-pic-NOW move.  Sort of the equivalent of your kid holding rabbit fingers behind your head in a family photo.

Note the big goofy I’M RIDING grin on my face.

Yikes.  Definitely need a new helmet.  I look like I was abducted by aliens.

H & J 3


10 thoughts on “Happy Dance and Angelic Trumpeting

  1. Andrew

    Jane: congratulations on a good ride! Got back on a horse for the first time in about a month last week, too. Took a few minutes and a combination of loving words and mild curses, but it soon felt great to be back up there watching a dog hunt.

    all best

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Thanks Wendy and GHM, it is an amazing feeling when everything simply flows! Reminds me it is simple in a very hard sort of way.

      I’ll have to get a better photo of Hudson in his moonlighting gear. He’s a handsome guy, much more than shows in the pic.

      Oh Daaaaaaaisy…..yoo hooooo…

  2. Marissa

    You both look happy and relaxed, the way every ride should look! I love what a Renaissance man Hudson is. Roping, dressage, is there anything this guy cannot do??? Does he bake a mean suffle as well? Play the sax maybe? 🙂

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I hear he flips a mean burger, and can haul a drunken cowboy out of his truck and take away his keys before said cowboy knows what hit him.

      Hudson is very responsible.

  3. dressage rider

    So, glad that you enjoyed your ride! You’re both looking very happy. BTW I shared your Mensa Horses post last night with my non-horsey husband and he thought it was very funny.

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      That makes me very happy too!

      Having a spouse who is the equivalent of lactose intolerant to horses, my desire is to make horses…uh…human (?)…to the non-horsey. She loves the horse stories, but not the barn. 🙂


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